Dems spend big, hope for win ... get a 'dud'

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The political talking heads made out Tuesday's election in the strongly "Red" 6th District to be a close call for the Republicans – pointing out that Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff (above), the top vote-getter, "fell just two points short of the 50 percent needed to avoid a runoff" ... and noting that both sides were calling it a victory, "but that Democrat came very close to winning on the first try – a reflection of some of the anger at town halls across the country."

The reality is that 11 Republicans were in the running, and GOP leadership took a bit of a gamble and waited to see who would come in first among the group – it was former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel – before jumping into the race.

Bob Vander Plaats of The Family Leader says it's the usual media bias. "I think that news story is greatly exaggerated," he shares. "It's a media that's trying to get a conclusion to match their narrative."

Ossoff came up short despite the $8-million-plus that poured into his campaign from outside the state – causing Investor's Business Daily to label the night "an overhyped dud" ... and instead of an "anti-Trump wave," more like "a very expensive ripple."

Vander Plaats
While Republicans are likely to keep the Georgia seat, Vander Plaats says it would be a mistake to underestimate the ferocity of the far-left fringe that is running the Democratic Party.

"[Republicans] have to be concerned about all the riled-up emotion," he notes, "and you're seeing a media that's continuing to fuel that emotion to hopefully go into 2018. And we know that the off-year election isn't always very favorable [to the party that's in control]."

In the end, says Vander Plaats, it's about Republicans in Washington delivering results and Republicans across the country running smart campaigns in 2018.

"It also comes down to the candidates – how they run their campaigns, what's their message," he shares. "Not everything is about President Trump.
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Redding Shasta Jefferson USA
link   Redding Shasta Jefferson USA    5 months ago

Poor democrats.  What a bunch of losers.  Keep the TDS hate flowing.  

link   Cerenkov  replied to  Redding Shasta Jefferson USA   5 months ago

But the Republicans can't be complacent. That's how Hillary lost.


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