How To Post An Article Or Seed On Newstalkers Main Forum

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How To Post An Article Or Seed On Newstalkers Main Forum

It occurs to me that some people may not know how to do this (If someone else has explained it to the new members I apologize) 


1. click on 'forums' at the top of the page

2. On that page, click on the 'topics' tab.  

3. Decide what topic you want to post your article or seed under and click on that topic ( for example , 'Entertainment'). That topic will open up and you will see a tab at the far right of the tabs that reads "add a discussion". Click on that.

4. From there you title your article or seed, and type or paste the text into the large field.  You can also use the editing tools shown by the icons at the top of the field. You can add photos or videos, make the text colored or bold, etc. 

 5.  When finished click "create discussion" at the bottom. The article will appear in the main forum. 

6. Make the first comment. 


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Buzz of the Orient
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It is important to make the first comment, or the article will not show up on the General Forums first page, but only on the Latest Discussions which is under the General Forums, and where you will see members discussing the various topics.

link   oldcrankyman  replied to  JohnRussell   3 years ago

Thanks John, I was just trying to figure that out for myself.  I managed to post a topic, thanks again.

link   seeder  JohnRussell  replied to  oldcrankyman   3 years ago

your welcome


link   SharpShooter    3 years ago

Thank you!

link   Lebowsky    3 years ago

Thanks John


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