CNN’s Don Lemon Calls Out Melania Trump: ‘She Was a Birther Too!’

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CNN’s Don Lemon Calls Out Melania Trump: ‘She Was a Birther Too!’

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CNN’s Don Lemon Calls Out Melania Trump: ‘She Was a Birther Too!’

Over recent days the media has been looking into the validity of Melania Trump’s narrative as it relates to her immigration to the United States. Some have raised valid concerns at the media’s budding criticism of the spouse of a presidential candidate, for, even though the media and the Right have waged ferocious campaigns to defame Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama over the years, there are many among us who view this type of intrusion into the lives of family members of political candidates to be unfair to those individuals who did not seek the political limelight themselves.   

However, Melania Trump is not merely the spouse of a presidential candidate who has utilized the issue of immigration to demonize others, she is also a birther, who, like her husband, has promoted the notion that President Barack Obama was born in a foreign country and has therefore illegally assumed the presidency of the United States.

During an appearance on CNN’s The Joy Behar Show on April 20 of 2011, Melania presented a stubborn and vigorous argument that the President’s birth certificate was illegitimate. 


Joy Behar: What is this with the birth certificate obsession? Did he ask to see yours when you met him?

Melania Trump: Well I needed to put mine, anyway, because if you want to become an American citizen, you need to put the birth certificate. I have a birth certificate from Slovenia. And…do you want to see President Obama’s birth certificate or not?

Joy Behar: I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it.

Melania Trump: It’s not a birth certificate.

Joy Behar: Well, it’s a certificate of live birth— 

Melania Trump: Right.

Joy Behar: But, Melania, if he insists on what he’s saying, then no one in Hawaii can ever run for president. Because they all get the same live birth certificate.

Melania Trump: Well, but they need to have—

Joy Behar: Bette Midler is finished, for example.

Melania Trump: They need to have, and, in one way, it would be very easy if President Obama just show it and—

Joy Behar: But he does.

Melania Trump: It’s not only, it’s not only Donald who wants to see it, it’s American people who voted for him and who didn’t vote for him. They want to see that.

Joe Behar: It’s on display in Chicago, we’ve seen it on the internet; we’ve seen it. It is not the same as yours but it is a certificate of live birth.

Melania Trump: We feel it’s different than birth certificate.

Joy Behar: Alright, well, I think you should give it up.

Melania Trump: Well, it’s not him that is bringing up; it’s the media all the time, all the time. 

She ended the segment by claiming that Donald Trump really wanted to discuss weightier issues such as healthcare and the economy, which prompted Behar to sarcastically allude to the fact that Republicans, specifically George Bush, were responsible for destroying the economy. 

Joy Behar: Well we were doing great during the Clinton administration and somebody came in—I’m not saying who…..

Based upon her past rhetoric, Melania Trump has made it legitimate for the media to test her “righteous” stance on immigration.

Kudos to Joy Behar for prophetically suggesting to Ms. Trump to “give it up.”   


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1  seeder  JohnRussell    9 months ago

That's it. She goes back on the shit list. 

2  bbl-1    9 months ago

If Melania is a FSB plant, Trump has more problems that he can imagine.

Besides, no way in hell did Melania 'marry' the Trump for love. She was 'introduced to 'the Donald' by Roger Stone.  And today her parents became US citizens.

And I truly still wonder why 'The First Lady' wore a $39.99 "I really don't care--do you" jacket to visit an immigrant detention center.   Something does not add up.  It just doesn't and that event is like it never happened.  So Trumpian.

3  lib50    9 months ago

The blatant hypocrisy and different standards for themselves is fucked up.  All that blather about 'chain migration' while his family benefits.  And he probably calls if family reunification for them.

3.1  321steve  replied to  lib50 @3    9 months ago
The blatant hypocrisy and different standards for themselves is fucked up.

Na isn't this business as usual for a president?

BTW: Doesn't congress have about the same deal ?


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