A Dogs Life - Sometime it ain't so great.

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A Dogs Life - Sometime it ain't so great.

When the owners of dogs die they frequently leave behind a pet that has no where to go and no provisions are made for it. It's a very sad situation. 

One of the dogs wants to tell you his story. 

Hi, my name is Zeus and I'm 11 years old now. I'm a pretty big fella, around 95 lbs and I'm a iron colored Pit Bull. Some people think that I'm really scary looking and dangerous. I'm really not, I've never hurt anyone in my life except  that one time that I had to protect my human. 

When I was really really little and living with my other bothers and sisters a man came to where we were and took me home with him. At first I really missed my mom and siblings. What happened was really a good thing since I had my own bed and food and water bowls. He would take me for walks and we'd run and play in the grass. He also had to house train me cuz a couple of times I pee'd on the floor. My human, we'll call him Bud, showed me how to go outside and was really nice to me when I had a accident. No hollering or hitting me, just gentle reminders and showing me again how to go outside. 

Then Bud took me to ''school'' and I learned how to walk on a leash and respond to a lot of his talk, he called them commands. I also made friends with other dogs and even a couple of cats. 

For years and years Bud and I lived the good life. I went everywhere with him and even when people saw me and got scared cuz I was so big and had a not deserved bad reputation. But once they got to know me they found out that I was a loving huge ''ham sandwich''....

Then one night about 3 years ago Bud and I were fast asleep. Bud was sleeping more than usual cuz he was getting older and slowing down some. Anyhow, Bud fell asleep in his recliner and I was dozing on my fluffy rug next to him. 

It was very dark in the house and I sensed something wasn't right. Us dogs have those super senses ya know. I picked up a smell and noise and knew that someone was trying to get into the house...I laid very still and since my eyesight at night is much better than humans have. I knew that I'd see what was happening before Bud could. 

The sliding glass door opened and I could see two humans coming into the house. Suddenly Bud kinda got out of his recliner and shouted at them. A mistake on Bud's part. 

Both had flashlights and shined them in Buds face and eyes. He was blinded but was no match for them anyway. My night vision is excellent and they didn't see or hear me since I didn't growl, bark or make any movement till the time was perfect. 

The first one never saw me coming and I hit him with all 95 lbs of muscle. I knocked him off his feet and sunk my teeth into him arm. The flashlight flew out of his had but in his other had he had something and it hurt me when he hit me with it. I shrugged off the pain and clamped down harder on his arm and dragged him backward. Then I went after the other one that was trying to get back out the door and took him down, my jaws clamped down on his shoulder..

Another pain hit me but I didn't let it stop me as I kept attacking both until they were on the ground and no fight was left in them...

Soon there was loud noises and people coming into the house, but I kept the bad people pinned to the ground...

The next day people from the newspaper came to visit and talk to Bud. The police said I was a hero and that these were really bad guys that I took down. They had stabbed me a couple of times as well. My picture was in the paper and I got all kinds of really good treats. 

The most important thing was that I had protected Bud...He and I are like brothers ya know.

He doesn't have a family but has some really good friends that he told me he was in the Army with and they visit from time to time and the neighbors are all good people as well....So not having a family isn't that hard cuz he has his friends and he has me and I have him.

The next few years were fun for us but Bud was slowing down more and more. I was too cuz I'm not a puppy anymore. 

Bud was walking across the kitchen to get me my lunch when he sort of stumbled and fell down on the floor really hard. I rushed over to him and tried to get him up but he wasn't moving at all. I knew that this was horrible and he needed help. 

The doorbell rang later that evening and everyone knew that I loved to hear the doorbell ring. It meant that people were coming to visit me, well Bud to.

I knew that I had to get their attention and get Bud help...I ran to the door and started barking as loud as I could. I think that whoever was ringing the bell was leaving because the ringing stopped. I had to get their attention so I charged the door and threw all my weight against it. I did this a couple of times and soon people were trying to open the door. 

They got the door open and soon they were taking Bud away. I never did find out what happened to my best friend Bud, but he never came back home. 

(Authors note. Bud as passed away from a heart attack)... 

Soon I was being taken to a animal shelter. I really missed my Bud and wanted to see him again but it was not to be. 

The area I had in the shelter was very small and I was very sad. Soon someone picked me up and I was taken to another shelter that had a lot of room for me, remember I'm really a big guy. Lot's of room to run and other dogs to play with but it wasn't like being at home with Bud. 

I've been here for around a year and am looking for a ''forever home'' again. One day my front shoulder starting hurting and he got worse and worse. The people at this shelter took me to the vet and he stuck a needle into me. They said it was a biopsy and a week later I heard them talking that it was cancer and they could not operate on it.

I don't know what cancer is but it's not good. I get two pills every day and the pain goes away but walking is getting more difficult as the weeks pass. 

Dogs aren't dumb ya know. We're pretty smart in fact, so I know that I probably don't have a lot of time left. 

I still miss my Bud very much and the people at the shelter are doing their best to make me comfortable, but I wish that someone would adopt me so I could spend my last few months in a loving home and I could make their lives happier to. 

Until that time I'll keep wishing that maybe someone will take me home with them. 

If you come to visit the shelter remember my name is Zeus and I'm really big but gentle and loving. I'll be waiting for you...



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1  author  Kavika     3 weeks ago

This is a very true story. Zeus doesn't have a lot of time left and deserves to live out his remaining days in a loving home.

2  KatPen    3 weeks ago


2.1  MUVA  replied to  KatPen @2    3 weeks ago

Me too we lost are dog 5 years ago we are still crushed.It hit my youngest the most they were inseparable. 

3  Jasper2529    3 weeks ago

This tugged at my heart. I hope that someone will give Zeus his final forever home.

3.1  author  Kavika   replied to  Jasper2529 @3    3 weeks ago

He's such a loving dog and hopefully someone will be able to care for him for his last few month. Our shelter will pay any and all vet bills that he has during that time. Also they will furnish all the food, treats and toys at no cost. 

Buzz of the Orient
4  Buzz of the Orient    3 weeks ago

Hope he gets adopted - he was a hero.

4.1  author  Kavika   replied to  Buzz of the Orient @4    3 weeks ago
Hope he gets adopted - he was a hero.

Indeed he is Buzz. Man's best friend and protector.

Buzz of the Orient
4.1.1  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Kavika @4.1    2 weeks ago

Your stories make me feel like getting another dog, but my wife's afraid of them.  I don't know what happened in her past that did that.

Badfish H҉a҉n҉d҉ ҉o҉f҉ ҉D҉o҉o҉m҉
5  Badfish H҉a҉n҉d҉ ҉o҉f҉ ҉D҉o҉o҉m҉    3 weeks ago

Great story Kavika.

Right now I'm the human thunder blanket for my children's Hero Delgado. We have heavy rain and tornadoes in the area. Delgado is showing early signs of dementia.

5.1  author  Kavika   replied to  Badfish H҉a҉n҉d҉ ҉o҉f҉ ҉D҉o҉o҉m҉ @5    3 weeks ago

Many people don't believe that a dog can have dementia, but they certainly can. It's not that uncommon. 

Take good care of Delgado, BF.

6  dave-2693993    3 weeks ago

Sad story.

Hope someone can provide Zeus a kind forever home for the time he has remaining.

6.1  author  Kavika   replied to  dave-2693993 @6    3 weeks ago
Hope someone can provide Zeus a kind forever home for the time he has remaining.

Hopefully someone will, dave. In the meantime we're spending a lot of time with him. He loves human company.

6.1.1  dave-2693993  replied to  Kavika @6.1    2 weeks ago

Good for you and Red. I am sure Zeus loves ever minute of it.

6.1.2  author  Kavika   replied to  dave-2693993 @6.1.1    2 weeks ago

He  does dave. 

Interesting thing is happening. Zeus is right next to Reba in the kennel....They can see one another but there is no barking or fence fighting between them. Reba is learning to be ''dog friendly'' and it seems that Zeus is a great example for her.

6.1.3  dave-2693993  replied to  Kavika @6.1.2    2 weeks ago

That is great.

You know Kavika, being dogs are pack animals, it is not too far a stretch they consider themselves  members of your pack.

pat wilson
7  pat wilson    3 weeks ago

You and Red are the best thing that happened to that shelter !

7.1  author  Kavika   replied to  pat wilson @7    2 weeks ago
You and Red are the best thing that happened to that shelter !

Thank you for that pat, but there are a lot of people that volunteer many hours every week....

There is only one paid employee, every one else are volunteers. It's an amazing place pat.

Bob Nelson
8  Bob Nelson    2 weeks ago

Excellent, K.

8.1  author  Kavika   replied to  Bob Nelson @8    2 weeks ago

Thanks Bob.

Trout Giggles
9  Trout Giggles    2 weeks ago

I hope you get your forever home, Zeus, so you can spend your last days surrounded by love

10  katrix    2 weeks ago

Aw, this made me cry. 

Assuming the cats I have now live as long as other cats I've had, I'll be around 70 when they're gone.  I don't think I will get another pet after that, for exactly this reason.  There is too great a chance that they would have to be re-homed.  Or depending on my health, maybe I'll get an older rescue animal which isn't likely to outlive me.

10.1  author  Kavika   replied to  katrix @10    2 weeks ago

It's difficult for Zeus, Katrix....He gave his all for most of his life and now he finds himself in a shelter through no fault of his own or his owner...

It's difficult to have a pet when one gets older. Your idea of a senior rescue dog or cat is a good one. The older dogs/cats are very difficult to get adopted and each one that is rescued is a blessing.

11  evilgenius    2 weeks ago

Zeus is a handsome boy. I love pitties! I lost my baby girl, Sadie, 14 years ago from a heart attack. She died in front of me the day before her sixth birthday. We treated her with two rounds of chemo after being diagnosed with lymphoma, but it weakened her heart. She was the best dog I ever knew, let alone owned. When we were together she never got more than 3 feet from me.

Now my buddy Tucker (beagle/springer mix) is getting really old and having a hard time walking a lot at nearly 13 years.

11.1  author  Kavika   replied to  evilgenius @11    2 weeks ago

I completely understand what your saying about Pitties....I had sisters, Puki and Brandy for 14 years before we lost them...Amazing dogs. 

Our sweet girl, Annie, who we had to put down April of 2018 was part pittie, and once again the most loving dog you could find. 

Our doxie, Wiki still misses Annie...They were soul mates, ate from each others food bowls, slept together and were always at one another side. 

11.1.1  katrix  replied to  Kavika @11.1    2 weeks ago

The one thing about pitties is that they don't always get along with other dogs.  My colleague just got a rescue Pit who seemed to get along great with her other 2 dogs.  Then one night (after 3 weeks) it attacked one of the other dogs, broke the dog's leg, and hurt my friend pretty badly when she pulled him off.  She has permanent nerve damage in her hand and a really nasty wound on her ankle that is still healing.  Just had hand surgery last week. 

11.1.2  author  Kavika   replied to  katrix @11.1.1    2 weeks ago

They can be aggressive. It's usually caused by the treatment before they were rescued. Assholes train them to fight, it's not a pretty thing to see or experience. I've been involved in breaking up some of these dog fighting rings...I'd just like to see these assholes shot. 

I've worked with Pitties for decades and haven't had a bad experience yet. 

On the other hand I was bit badly by a German Shepard. Sadly it's all about how they have been treated in the past. 

11.1.3  evilgenius  replied to  Kavika @11.1.2    2 weeks ago
They can be aggressive. It's usually caused by the treatment before they were rescued.

Shitty backyard breeders and owners that don't know how to raise dogs, let alone these beautiful dogs. Too many owners don't properly socialize their dogs and/or play "aggressively" with them. 

12  Enoch    2 weeks ago

Dear Brother Kavaka: Blessings to you and all who volunteer in the labor of love caring for animals who need this.

Best wishes and good thoughts for Zeus.



12.1  author  Kavika   replied to  Enoch @12    2 weeks ago

Thanks niijii...

Perrie Halpern R.A.
13  Perrie Halpern R.A.    2 weeks ago

Hi Kavika,

I thought that Zeus' biopsy came back OK. Am I wrong?

I feel so sorry for this poor guy. He looks like a really nice dog. He should spend his last days in a loving home. 

13.1  author  Kavika   replied to  Perrie Halpern R.A. @13    2 weeks ago
I thought that Zeus' biopsy came back OK. Am I wrong?

You're thinking of Reba. Her biopsy came back clean...In fact she is now free of all parasites and all her organs are working fine. 

Zeus is a whole other story. A beautiful faithful dog that is now alone through no fault of his own..

Hopefully we'll find someone that will take care of him.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
13.1.1  Perrie Halpern R.A.  replied to  Kavika @13.1    2 weeks ago

Well, I am glad to hear about Reba, but really sad about Zeus. I hope he finds a nice family to take him in and give him lots of love. 

14  Uptownchick    2 weeks ago


14.1  author  Kavika   replied to  Uptownchick @14    2 weeks ago

A thousand thumbs up....Absolutely perfect Uppy. 


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