Mets apologize after including two living players in memorial montage during 1969 World Series reunion

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Mets apologize after including two living players in memorial montage during 1969 World Series reunion
Somehow, things continue to get worse for the Mets

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

I'm not sure things could be going any worse for the   New York Mets   right now. Saturday's loss ( ATL 5, NYM 4 ) was their seventh straight and, yet again, the bullpen blew a late lead. Manager Mickey Callaway is woefully in over his head and lefty   Jason Vargas   physically threatened a reporter in the clubhouse last Sunday. The Mets season has gone from bad to embarrassing.

On Saturday, things got even worse. During an otherwise classy and beautiful ceremony to honor the 1969 Miracle Mets World Series championship team at Citi Field, the club incorrectly included two former players -- outfielder Jim Gosger and lefty Jesse Hudson -- in the memorial montage. Gosger and Hudson are both still alive.


Mike Mazzeo @MazzYahoo

"The Mets paid tribute to Jim Gosger and Jesse Hudson in their 1969 video. But both are alive."

Understandably, Gosger did not seem too thrilled with the team's mistake. He said he wouldn't take their phone call.

Zach Braziller of the   New York Post   reports the Mets have already reached out to apologize to Gosger , and were trying to get in touch with Hudson as of Saturday night.

Gosger, 76, played 10 seasons in the big leagues from 1963-74 and had two stints with the Mets (1969, 1973-74). He was a career .226 hitter. The 70-year-old Hudson appeared in just one   MLB   game, throwing two innings in relief for that 1969 Mets team on Sept. 19.

Someone needs to pull the plug on this Mets season and reboot. Every time you think they've hit rock bottom, they find a way to dig another hole.

by  Mike Axisa

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Vic Eldred
1  seeder  Vic Eldred    11 months ago

Few live to see how they would be remembered

Sean Treacy
2  Sean Treacy    11 months ago

Such a  Mets thing to do.

3  luther28    11 months ago

Gosger and Hudson are both still alive.

I am sure they are both pleased to hear it:).

I cannot pick on the Mets too much, I'm still smarting from the 86 series :)


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