Goverment Tosses Veterans Away Like Trash

By:  ghostlybear  •  8 months ago  •  1 comments

Goverment Tosses Veterans Away Like Trash

Veterans Affairs police are recently under fire for falsifying records, assaulting veterans, causing death and not reading veterans there constitutional rights. A veteran from Bath VA due in Federal court for drug possession. Was his rights read to him? Was a search authorized? This veteran belongs in drug court not Federal court. The VA will put veterans on mind altering drugs take no responsibility for there actions and prosecute veterans. The VA has killed 300,000 vets and not one person prosecuted. The U.S attorney was transporting and using illegal drugs as they refused to prosecute him. The two tier justice system needs to stop. The criminal justice system should be remembered for the lives saved not destroyed.


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1  author  ghostlybear    8 months ago

whats good for the doj should be good for veterans


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