Left-wing Activist Shaun King Praises Antifa Ice Center Terrorist

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Left-wing Activist Shaun King Praises Antifa Ice Center Terrorist

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

He did delete them today.

Via   Free Beacon:

Black Lives Matter activist and Intercept columnist Shaun King praised an attempted domestic terror attack on Twitter yesterday, comparing the terrorist to abolitionist John Brown and saying that he was “the first martyr.”

In a Twitter thread, King compared Willem Van Spronsen, who was killed in a shootout outside an ICE detention facility, to John Brown, the pre-Civil War abolitionist. The 69-year-old Van Spronsen attacked the facility early Saturday morning, throwing incendiary devices and armed with a rifle. He lit one car on fire and attempted to blow up a propane tank before he was shot and killed by police.

“Willem Van Spronsen just became the first martyr attempting to liberate imprisoned refugees from a for-profit detention center in Tacoma, Washington. His hero was John Brown -the white abolitionist who led the raid on harpers Ferry in 1859,” King wrote. “This is what our country has come to.”

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The People's Fish
1  seeder  The People's Fish    6 months ago

It's amazing the left still invites Talcum X a verified white dude to speak about being black in America.

After it was uncovered that he comitted fraud and got a minority scholarship to pay for his education the left still admires him as a civil rights leader.

Martin Luther Cream's fraud continues.

Everyone needs a hero.

1.1  Ozzwald  replied to  The People's Fish @1    6 months ago

Since your the seeder, I have to ask where you came up with antifa?  It is nowhere in the article, yet you decided to add it to the headline.  I know the right wing is trying to create a left equivalent to your Nazis, skinheads, white nationalists, KKK, etc, etc., but you apparently falsified your headline for this story.

Or is it your claim that the headline is real because you linked it to another site that changed the headline for political reasons and then just provided ANOTHER link to the actual article that does not have the same headline?  Aren't you supposed to seed actual articles instead of purposely false link sites?

2  JohnRussell    6 months ago

I have a hard time getting interested in Shaun King, one way or the other. 

The People's Fish
2.1  seeder  The People's Fish  replied to  JohnRussell @2    6 months ago

I thought you'd admire him, he's the most notable pasty white SJW


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