Lev Parnas Helped Rep. Devin Nunes’ Investigations


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Lev Parnas Helped Rep. Devin Nunes’ Investigations
Lev Parnas, an indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani, helped arrange meetings and calls in Europe for Rep. Devin Nunes in 2018, Parnas’  lawyer Ed MacMahon told The Daily Beast.

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Lev Parnas Helped Rep. Devin Nunes’ Investigations

Lev Parnas, an indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani , helped arrange meetings and calls in Europe for Rep. Devin Nunes in 2018, Parnas’  lawyer Ed MacMahon told The Daily Beast.

Nunes aide Derek Harvey participated in the meetings, the lawyer said, which were arranged to help Nunes’ investigative work. MacMahon didn’t specify what those investigations entailed. 

Nunes is the top Republican on the House committee handling the impeachment hearings—hearings where Parnas’s name has repeatedly come up.

Congressional records show Nunes traveled to Europe from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3, 2018. Three of his aides—Harvey, Scott Glabe, and George Pappas—traveled with him,  per the records . U.S. government funds paid for the group’s four-day trip, which cost just over $63,000. 

The travel came as Nunes, in his role on the House Intelligence Committee, was working to investigate the origins of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian election meddling. 

Parnas’ assistance to Nunes’ team has not been previously reported. A spokesperson for Nunes did not respond to requests for comment. 

Nunes has been helming the GOP’s involvement in the impeachment inquiry. He has spent much of his time criticizing the probe and the media’s coverage of it. “In their mania to attack the President, no conspiracy theory is too outlandish for the Democrats,” he said on Wednesday morning before Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony. Later in the day, Nunes accused Democrats of harboring “Watergate fantasies.”

“I guess they fantasize about this at night,” he said. 

Giuliani has been a subject of much discussion at the impeachment hearings. To a lesser extent, so have Parnas and his associate, Igor Fruman, who worked with Giuliani as he attempted to find damaging information on Joe and Hunter Biden from Ukrainian sources.

Nunes has been at the center of the broader story about foreign influence in President Donald Trump’s Washington. When Congressional investigators began probing Russian interference in the 2016 campaign, Nunes made a late-night visit to the White House and announced the next day he’d found evidence of egregious wrongdoing by Intelligence Community officials. The move appeared to be an effort to corroborate a presidential tweet claiming that Obama wiretapped Trump tower. Nunes then stepped back from the committee’s work scrutinizing Russian efforts. Instead, he ran a parallel probe looking at the origins of Mueller’s Russia probe. The undertaking made him a hero to the president and Sean Hannity, and a bête noire of Democrats and Intelligence Community officials. That work was still underway when he traveled to Europe in 2018. 

Last month, federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York charged Parnas and Fruman with illegally moving money from foreign donors to American political campaigns. Both men maintain their innocence. 

“Contrary to many aspersions in the press to date, Lev Parnas is a proud United States citizen, who has lived here since he was four years old,” said Joseph Bondy, an attorney on his legal team.


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1  seeder  JohnRussell    8 months ago

I am really eager to see Lev Parnas rat out Devin Nunes. 

That might even be worth a buck or two on pay for view. 

2  seeder  JohnRussell    8 months ago

Let's see, the clown Devin Nunes went to Europe in 2018 to dig up something about the "deep state" , and he had Russian mafia flunkie Lev Parnas helping him. 

When does the book come out? I want to pre-order. 

3  JBB    8 months ago


3.1  igknorantzrulz  replied to  JBB @3    8 months ago


4  seeder  JohnRussell    8 months ago

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) traveled to Europe with three aides from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3, 2018, on a $63,000 taxpayer-funded investigative trip, and Lev Parnas, an  associate of Rudy Giuliani  arrested  last month  on federal  campaign finance  and conspiracy charges, helped arrange meetings and calls for his trip,   The Daily Beast  reports , citing Parnas lawyer Ed MacMahaon and congressional records. Nunes aide Derek Harvey was involved in the Parnas meeting, and he accompanied Nunes to Europe along with fellow aides Scott Glabe and George Pappas.

At the time of the trip, Nunes was outgoing chairman of the House Intelligence Committee — he is now the committee's top Republican and  lead voice  in the public impeachment hearings. Nunes was visiting Europe as part of his investigation into the origins of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russia and President Trump's campaign. During the period Nunes was in Europe, Giuliani was in the middle of his ultimately successful campaign to oust U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Maria Yovanovitch, a plot Parnas and partner Igor Fruman were also involved in, according to the federal indictment.

Parnas "believed that what he was doing was furtherance of the president's and thus our national interests," said Joseph Bondy, a member of Parnas' legal team. "President Trump's recent and regrettable disavowal of Mr. Parnas has caused him to rethink his involvement and the true reasons for his  having been recruited  to participate in the President's activities. Mr. Parnas is  prepared to testify completely  and accurately about his involvement in the President and Rudy Giuliani's quid pro quo demands of Ukraine."  Read more at  The Daily Beast
5  seeder  JohnRussell    8 months ago

Today will be fascinating at the impeachment hearings. Fiona Hill's testimony is going to indicate that Russia is behind much of what we are seeing now, indicating the reality of the implications of this seed and what JBB and ignorantzrulz have commented. 

Be on the lookout for the revelation that Trump changed the makeup of the US delegation to Zelensky's inauguration after he had a phone call with Vladimir Putin. 

6  Ronin2    8 months ago

Already assuming there was something illegal done before any evidence. Typical leftist bullshit.

Why not just convict them all now and get it over with? That is the Democratic way; unless it is someone with a D behind their name that is. Then it is all a vast right wing conspiracy.


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