Meanwhile in the U.S. Senate: 'Cocaine Mitch' Spent Impeachment Day Cranking Out Trump Judges.

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Meanwhile in the U.S. Senate: 'Cocaine Mitch' Spent Impeachment Day Cranking Out Trump Judges.

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

The pace was breathtaking. As congressional representatives clamored for face time in what looked like a suit-and-tie version of televised speed dating during the impeachment debate, things were moving even more rapidly in the U.S. Senate. Look at this — Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell moved forward another batch of President Trump's judicial appointments.



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The People's Fish
1  seeder  The People's Fish    one month ago

When your obsessed with the President and you forget to vet the heard of Judges Cocaine Mitch is ramming up your asses? 

This will come back to haunt you. Cocaine Mitch rubber stamp yes men just sat on the bench and they are ready to rule on your case. Why is this so important? We have a ton of cases hitting the courts. Normally this is where the progressive agenda becomes law. Well not so much anymore.

As a independent mind and libertarian I prefer balanced courts. Mitch has flipped some historically liberal courts all well democrats waste their time. I would prefer they remain balanced but he has tipped the scales. They are all becoming conservative courts.

Dislike Trump? Imagine this?  Trumpian Judges? Because that is what you have. You have it because your party failed to contest it while they had delusions of overturning the 2016 election.

Greg Jones
1.1  Greg Jones  replied to  The People's Fish @1    one month ago

Wait until he appoints a couple more conservative Supreme Court Justices!

It Is ME
1.2  It Is ME  replied to  The People's Fish @1    one month ago

When the "Liberals" are distracting themselves, things actually happen that are "Real". jrSmiley_10_smiley_image.gif

Vic Eldred
1.3  Vic Eldred  replied to  The People's Fish @1    one month ago

Keep up the good work, Mitch....


I thought for sure you would have been right out with the new Obamacare ruling?

1.4  KDMichigan  replied to  The People's Fish @1    one month ago

Democrats being played by Trump again. It's embarrassing really.


2  bbl-1    4 weeks ago

Autocracies need compliant judicial services to survive.

2.1  Cerenkov  replied to  bbl-1 @2    4 weeks ago

Not according to history or reality...


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