Democrats worry Biden will be defined by Trump attacks


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By:   Amie Parnes (MSN)

Democrats worry Biden will be defined by Trump attacks
Democrats are worried Joe Biden is struggling to define himself as President Trump escalates his attacks on the presumptive Democratic nominee for the White House.For months, some party strategists have worried that Trump has a significant advantage over Biden given his control of the airwaves and use of the White House bully pulpit while the coronavirus pandemic keeps Biden off the campaign trail."Hard to think of a president who won after...

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

Democrats are worried Joe Biden is struggling to define himself as President Trump escalates his attacks on the presumptive Democratic nominee for the White House.

© Getty Images Democrats worry Biden will be defined by Trump attacks

For months, some party strategists have worried that Trump has a significant advantage over Biden given his control of the airwaves and use of the White House bully pulpit while the coronavirus pandemic keeps Biden off the campaign trail.

"Hard to think of a president who won after letting their opponent do all the talking," said Philippe Reines, the longtime adviser and spokesman to Hillary Clinton. "Yes, he was vice president. Yes, his approval numbers are high. No, you can't glide to November on that alone."

Those fears were intensified again on Thursday when Trump's campaign launched a string of ads on Facebook targeting Biden's age and fitness for office, saying "geriatric mental health is no laughing matter."

The ads made it clear the Trump campaign intends to go after Biden's age, even though some White House staffers had worried this could backfire with seniors, who polls show are now supporting Biden over Trump.

It's also part of a concerted effort the White House and Trump campaign are making to drive up Biden's negatives, an undertaking echoed by Republicans in Congress and voices in the conservative media.

The attacks include hitting Biden's record on China and raising the argument that he was part of an Obama administration effort to undercut Trump.

Reines said there's a greater danger this will be effective the more Biden remains sidelined by the pandemic.

"There will be two names on the ballot. SARS-CoV-2 isn't one of them," Reines said. "Donald Trump won't lose in a vacuum. Joe Biden must beat him."

"Yes, this election more than others will be a referendum on the incumbent," he continued. "But this race is not solely about Trump. ... Joe Biden does not need to spend all his time introducing himself to the electorate. But he has to spend as much time and energy as it takes to fight every attempt by the right to reintroduce him as someone he's not."

A CNN poll out this week showed that while Biden leads Trump by 5 percentage points nationally, he trails him by 7 points in 15 battleground states. The poll caused Democrats to worry that Biden could win the popular vote, as Clinton did, in 2000, but lose the Electoral College.

Democratic strategist Brad Bannon said another danger for Biden is that in answering the Trump attacks, he will fail to put out his own message.

"Joe Biden is in danger of falling into the Trump trap that unraveled Hillary Clinton's campaign in 2016," said Democratic strategist Brad Bannon. "Donald Trump offered many tempting attack targets and Clinton was so busy responding to Trump broadsides that she was unable to focus on her own message."

A longtime Biden ally said the fears are overstated.

"He's tried the whole 'Sleepy Joe' thing. He's trying to say he's corrupt. He's tried that angle with women," the ally said. "He tried all of it throughout the primary so that he wouldn't win the nomination and it didn't work."

"I'm not naive to think this will stop him from continuing with these stories but people know Joe Biden and I think that's going to carry him far," the ally added.

Tobe Berkovitz, a communications professor at Boston University who has worked as a political media consultant, said Biden's effort to cast himself as a political elder at a time of crisis could help him.

"Usually Beltway experience isn't much of a winning hand, but in the COVID era, maybe it is useful," Berkovitz said.

Basil Smikle, who served as the executive director of the New York State Democratic Party, said Biden needs to go on offense to control his own narrative.

"Biden needs to deploy high profile surrogates and grassroots activists to organize digitally far more frequently, and force the president and particularly his allies in the Senate, to respond to him," Smikle said.

Reines agreed, adding that it was important for Biden not only to define himself but to keep reminding voters of exactly who Trump is.

"You have to hold serve," he said. "If you can, it's game, set, match. If you can't, it's Gore, Kerry, Clinton."

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1  seeder  Texan1211    7 months ago

Democrats should be worried.

Depending on Joe to pick the right VP(or will the DNC just tell him who the pick is?) is rather bold.

He'll need a VP that can actually make a difference with voters.

Good luck with THAT.

2  cjcold    7 months ago

Interesting how far right wing fascist groups are targeting Gretchen Whitmer for her wise choices. She will likely be the next VP of this country and that scares the hell out of the far right wing fringe groups.

2.1  seeder  Texan1211  replied to  cjcold @2    7 months ago
Interesting how far right wing fascist groups are targeting Gretchen Whitmer for her wise choices. 

Which groups have targeted her?

Can you be more specific than "far right wing fascist groups"?

She will likely be the next VP of this country and that scares the hell out of the far right wing fringe groups.

Nope. Too white.

2.1.1  MAGA  replied to  Texan1211 @2.1    7 months ago

Too much of a liability in Michigan too.  

2.2  seeder  Texan1211  replied to  cjcold @2    7 months ago

Not only is she too white, I am sure Joe is looking forward to finding a woman of color to match the Great Obama-- "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy," Biden said. "I mean, that's a storybook, man." 

2.3  MAGA  replied to  cjcold @2    7 months ago

She’s the one who is a fascist dictator control freak with god complex issues.  The people of her state are in open passive civil disobedience rebellion.  She says that if people protest her she will extend the shutdown.  I say that there should be five protests every time she says that and double dog dare her to extend to New Year’s Day and then take credit for backing her down into a corner if she does have to open up.  She deserves outright disobedience and defiance to her political face.  Hopefully the Michigan Supreme Court will do as Wisconsin’s did and force her to share power with the legislature in a joint plan or have no plan at all.  She’s wielded too much authoritarian power already.  

2.4  squiggy  replied to  cjcold @2    7 months ago
far right wing fringe groups.

Those Constitution supporters?

2.5  Ronin2  replied to  cjcold @2    6 months ago

You don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

Far right fascist groups like the lawn care businesses; small business owners; people that own motor boats; people that own cabins and homes on state lands; businesses that were fined for daring to sell fertilizer, plants, seeds, and outdoor lawn furniture; and even hospitals and doctors.

The five businesses named in the lawsuit are:
  • Signature Southeby’s International Realty, Inc., a full-service residential brokerage in Birmingham.
  • Executive Property Maintenance, Inc. in Canton which provides commercial, municipal, and residential clients lawns, snow and ice maintenance; fertilization; property maintenance; planting; softscape; hardscape; design and build; irrigation; and water feature services.
  • Intraco Corporation, Inc. in Troy is a diversified exporter of architectural and automotive glass, automotive chemicals, and other goods.
  • Casite Intraco, LLC in Troy distributes engine oil, fuel additives, and other after-market products for automobiles.
  • Bahash & Company, LLC doing business as Hillsdale Jewelers is a storefront retailer of jewelry and offers jewelry-repair services in Hillsdale.

The firm said that  through Executive Order 2020-38, Whitmer suspended the Freedom of Information Act through June 4, 2020, preventing outside assessment if the modeling used to justify locking down the entire State is reliable.

"The Governor’s initial Executive Order was premised on the perceived need to 'flatten the curve' so as to avoid overwhelming the State’s hospitals and healthcare centers," the firm said. "Although the curve has been flattened, the Governor has issued stricter and confusing Executive Orders that unreasonably and unnecessarily interfere with the Plaintiffs’ constitutional rights.
Plaintiffs are affected by the Governor’s orders."

Also named in the suit is Robert Gordon, the director of the state's Department of Health and Human Services, filed by firm attorneys Daniel J. McCarthy and Joseph E. Richotte.

"Under threat of criminal penalties, they have been forced to close or significantly restrict their businesses, depriving them of their liberty and property interests without due process," according to the release. "Without offering any justification, the Governor has allowed and is still allowing, other businesses deemed “critical” to stay open, even though: (a) “critical” businesses must adhere to guid-ance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) on social distan-cing;” and (b) Plaintiffs are fully capable of adhering to those same guide-lines if allowed to reopen.


Several physicians and a patient are a part of a lawsuit filed Tuesday against Governor Whitmer and other state leaders in federal court.

The lawsuit was filed against Governor Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel and Robert Gordon, Director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

The Mackinac Center Legal Foundation , in conjunction with Miller Johnson Law Firm , filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan on behalf of three medical practices who say they are unable to provide necessary care.

A patient, who said they are not able to schedule an important surgery due to current executive orders, is also involved in the lawsuit.

One plaintiff, Grand Health Partners, operates in the Grand Rapids area.

Grand Health Partners performs endoscopies and other elective surgeries, many of which were deemed nonessential by executive order.

According to the complaint, many patients of Grand Health Partners, including one needing to repair a damaged feeding tube, were unable to be treated.

Another patient said they were forced to postpone gallbladder surgery and ended up developing gangrene, according to the complaint.

“This shutdown is risking lives and imperiling health,” said Dr. Randal Baker, president of Grand Health Partners and a practicing surgeon. “The curve has been flattened. There will likely be spikes of cases in the future, but we can’t shut down non-COVID health care every time. We need to reassess the best practices to save the most lives, particularly where COVID-19 cases are low.”

Two other plaintiffs, the Wellston Medical Center and Primary Health Services, two family practice and urgent care clinics in Wellston and Ludington, said they have experienced similar challenges.

Jordan Warnsholz, a physician assistant and owner of both practices, said he's experienced firsthand the damage from the shutdown.

“Not only has this shutdown harmed my employees and my practice, but it has put my patients directly at risk,” said Warnsholz. “These oppressive executive orders are meant to save lives, but instead, they are endangering many of them.”

“Under both the state constitution and federal law, the governor doesn’t have the power to unilaterally shut down health care providers in the state,” said Patrick Wright, director of the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation and vice president of legal affairs at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

She is going to cost the state of Michigan far more from her gross incompetence and stupidity. Oh, and her damn "wise choices" has Michigan with the 7th most cases in the US; and the 4th most deaths. But her draconian decisions have hurt the Michigan economy. 

The left and media love her because she attacks Trump non stop. Reality is far different. She had better hope that Trump isn't reelected or she may have to kiss the ground he walks on to get Michigan the federal bail out money it will need to recover from her stupidity.

She isn't known as Whitless around these parts for nothing.

2.5.1  seeder  Texan1211  replied to  Ronin2 @2.5    6 months ago

Well, that would all matter IF the person you responded to actually cared anything about the truth.

Besides, his story is more entertaining than the truth.

2.6  Tacos!  replied to  cjcold @2    6 months ago
Interesting how far right wing fascist groups are targeting Gretchen Whitmer

It might be more interesting if you told us what fascist groups you were talking about.

2.6.1  seeder  Texan1211  replied to  Tacos! @2.6    6 months ago
It might be more interesting if you told us what fascist groups you were talking about.

He can't, he is just parroting something he heard on CNN or MSNBC.

dennis smith
2.7  dennis smith  replied to  cjcold @2    6 months ago

The only chance she has to be the next VP will be as Trumps running mate. Ain't gonna happen

Greg Jones
2.8  Greg Jones  replied to  cjcold @2    6 months ago

Nonsense. It's not only right wingers that are protesting Whitmer's witless and draconian shutdown.

3  squiggy    7 months ago


Sean Treacy
4  Sean Treacy    7 months ago

Joe Biden defines himself everytime he tries to speak without a script in front of him. Even then, it's dicey.

He's a old man with mental health issues who should be relaxing with the millions he made in "public service" and feeling good when he remembers which one his wife is, and which his sister is. It's cruel what's being done to him.

Vic Eldred
4.1  Vic Eldred  replied to  Sean Treacy @4    6 months ago

Did you catch him trying to talk to a pre-recorded questioner?

It all happened too fast for MSNBC:

5  Tacos!    6 months ago

I don’t know, I think it’s actually a good thing for Biden. The media spends its days criticizing Trump for him, so he doesn’t have to bother with it.

But as for Biden speaking, he’s like the defendant considering whether or not to take the stand. Anything he says is more likely to hurt him than help him. He’s better off with this excuse not to speak publicly.

The Magic Eight Ball
6  The Magic Eight Ball    6 months ago

biden cant win.... and neither can hillary  (wink)

the dnc convention will be hilarious.

my bet is joe gets the boot at the dnc convention.

the dnc will prove, democrat voters don't matter... lol

Release The Kraken
7  Release The Kraken    6 months ago


It Is ME
8  It Is ME    6 months ago

"Democrats worry Biden will be defined by Trump attacks"

They should be worrying about Biden Himself. Doesn't take a "Commercial to show he's a stupidass. He does good all by himself !

"Liberal Types" are soooo glad he's stuck in the basement right now..... Honk, Honk, ring ring......Birdies and phones even flummox Joe "As Seen on TV" ! jrSmiley_88_smiley_image.gif

"LET JOE OUTA THE BASEMENT" ! jrSmiley_15_smiley_image.gif He sells "STUPID" better than any Bazillionaire Ad Company could ! jrSmiley_10_smiley_image.gif


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