Ex-GOP Gov. Kasich slams Trump: 'damaged GOP brand' now having 'party meltdown' | VozWire


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Ex-GOP Gov. Kasich slams Trump: 'damaged GOP brand' now having 'party meltdown' | VozWire
Former GOP Governor of Ohio John Kasich took aim and blasted embattled Republican President Donald Trump. While speaking to host Kate Bolduan on CNN show "Newsroom" he was probed: "The Republican Party is—many times you and I have talked on this topic of the party struggling to deal with Donald Trump since the beginning of …

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Big R Republicans are abandoning Trump's gop...


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1  seeder  JBB    3 weeks ago

Mainstream Republicans hate what Trump is doing!

Sparty On
2  Sparty On    3 weeks ago

Another never Trumper ..... yawn ..... wake me up when you have something substantial in this regard.

2.1  seeder  JBB  replied to  Sparty On @2    3 weeks ago

Another and another and another Never Trumper is adding up on Trump!

What happened to the once Grand Old Party? Trump Happened! The Big R Republicans may not survive Trumpism...

Sparty On
2.1.1  Sparty On  replied to  JBB @2.1    3 weeks ago

Santa Claus might be listening so keep making that list ......

2.1.2  seeder  JBB  replied to  Sparty On @2.1.1    3 weeks ago

If we're good Santa come Nov 3rd with hope...

Buzz of the Orient
3  Buzz of the Orient    3 weeks ago

I have to commend the Republican lawmakers who have not only realized Trump was and is a huge mistake for America, and their Party, but I'm so disappointed with the NT members who refuse to allow themselves the same realization.  Sometimes loyalty can be not only an anchor, but even a prison.  Save your country!!!

Greg Jones
3.1  Greg Jones  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @3    3 weeks ago

We plan to save our country from the conniving and evil progressives who want to ruin it.

Trump hasn't done anything to hurt the country, but he seems to done a lot of things to hurt the feelings of the far left and lots of its foolish supporters.

Give us 5 good reasons the country would be better off with Biden in the WH and Congress under Democrat control.

Sensible and rational American citizens don't want far left radicals attempting to govern this country.

Buzz of the Orient
3.1.1  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Greg Jones @3.1    3 weeks ago
"Trump hasn't done anything to hurt the country,"

Omission can be as deadly as commission, and setting a bad example as well. 

America would be better off with Pogo as POTUS, let alone Biden. Listing reasons is unnecessary at this point, cause everybody knows .


( Everybody Knows , by Leonard Cohen, in case the link doesn't work)

Looks like only 60% (or as pointed out to me elsewhere, 67%) of American citizens are "sensible and rational".

3.1.2  FLYNAVY1  replied to  Greg Jones @3.1    3 weeks ago
Sensible and rational American citizens didn't and still don't want Trump and his crime family attempting to govern this country.

4  Tacos!    3 weeks ago
If, in fact, Republicans as a group had come out early on, particularly starting with Charlottesville and said that this language is unacceptable, I believe he would have changed, or the party would have separated from him.

I have liked some of the things Kasich has said over the years, but he's wrong about this. It's naive. Trump is who he is and no one is going to change that.

the division that he stirs up

Anybody - including Trump - can be divisive, at times, of course. However, his opponents and critics have been far more divisive than Trump himself has. They have been exaggerating the things he says and does, or straight up lying for the sole purpose of dividing the country and getting people to hate and fear Trump unnecessarily. It started with the misrepresentation of his candidacy announcement speech, continued through claims of a "Muslim ban" and "caging children," and it continues to this day with the lies about his Mt. Rushmore speech.

4.1  seeder  JBB  replied to  Tacos! @4    3 weeks ago

Yeah, good thing Trump is a One Term President...

5  Ronin2    3 weeks ago

Shocker the Democrats worshiping another Republican they once despised for saying something against Trump. jrSmiley_80_smiley_image.gif

Kasich can join the growing number of Republicans that will never be relavent again in the political world.

5.1  seeder  JBB  replied to  Ronin2 @5    3 weeks ago

Because you say do? Go on. Get outta here...

6  Adam_Selene    3 weeks ago

It's perhaps better not to focus entirely on defeating Trump.

When Trump is escorted from the White House in January, after being thoroughly cavity searched, the Republican Party will still have exactly the same platform and policies; even though a few of them can force reasonable sounding platitudes from their mouths from time to time.

There will be no new spirit of cooperation and no real compromise. 

Anything resembling governance will have to come from the Democrats and a few Independents. I just hope Trump  does not bring us to Civil War and a military coup before then.

Buzz of the Orient
6.1  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Adam_Selene @6    3 weeks ago

What scares me is that he is crazy and crazed enough by his failing possibility of being reelected to go beyond his normal deflections from his mismanagement and seeking a way to unify the country behind him, he is apt to push the button, and if that happens, the Evangelists will be right because Armageddon will result, and it won't be just at Megiddo. 

Sparty On
6.2  Sparty On  replied to  Adam_Selene @6    3 weeks ago
I just hope Trump  does not bring us to Civil War and a military coup before then.

Crazy talk.    

If you want to worry about people fomenting unrest that could cause a Civil War worry about anarchist like antifa and blm.    Or even the resist movement.    Now there is some extra duty bat-shit crazy there.


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