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The Trump disaster

By:  Heartland American  •   •  5 years ago  •  5 comments

The Trump disaster

This whole Trump thing could be an impending disaster. Just like 1992 and 1996. Trump too like Perot is pig headed and full of himself. Like Perot, he's setting the table for a Clinton. If he doesn't win the GOP nomination, it doesn't matter who wins it, he's going 3rd party as Hillary's stooge. Personally, I will vote Constitution or Libertarian Party if he does somehow win our nomination. The Tea Party, libertarians, and the GOP establishment need to find common ground and pick someone agreeable to all. Then we need to politically destroy trump even though he's a billionaire so that he's to weak to run third party and too damaged by gaffes like debate and post debate to even be considered by more than a 1% fringe. Thursday night was a great start.


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Jerry Verlinger
link   Jerry Verlinger    5 years ago

'sno disaster for the Democrats, Trump is like a gift from heaven. The longer he maintains a lead in the polls, the more the voters are going to be convinced the Republican Party is fucked up!

Nowhere Man
link   Nowhere Man    5 years ago

What you don't get is that the republican party of today, is like the democrat party of the late '60's, In '68 they took steps to rid itself of the radical religious element that moderated them somewhat.

they migrated to the republican party just in time to help elect Reagan who invited them into the party with open arms not realizing that their radical positions will result in a fractured party that cannot win elections just like the democrats had back then.

It was one of the biggest mistakes he made to gain a coalition that he didn't need.

AS long as we allow the fundamentalists to run the party, we won't win anything. and we shouldn't win anything.

We are better off with a socialist in charge than a religious fundamentalist.

Socialists are absolutists on a much smaller scale that religious fundamentalists are.

You want a dictatorship? elect a fundamentalist.

you can vote however you like, but it won't change a damn thing until you actually get involved with the party and change it from within.

It is what this nation was founded upon.

Heartland American
link   author  Heartland American    5 years ago
The democrats replaced their reasonable responsible Christian voters with the secular progressives and the radical mc govern followers. They have moved the democrat party ever further to the left. The base of the GOP doesn't control it, the wall st. Establishment does. The GOP is made up of wall st business conservatives, fiscal conservatives/main st small business conservatives, national defense hawk neoconservatives, and social conservatives. The party needs one satisfactory to all and who energizes all branches to win. The GOP can't win without any of these groups. Secular conservatives who prefer secular democrats to religious fellow conservatives deserve all the taxes and regulations that come their way. I have aspects of all the branches of the GOP that I like. I don't fit neatly into any one of those and most of us are into two or more of our wings. I have been active in elections with the GOP since 1980 as a college Republican and will be involved in the campaign next year as long as Trump is not our nominee. I also participate in the TEA Party.