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Moderate & Balanced

A group for the moderate viewpoint!  This is a place for moderates and independents to come and discuss issues and answers in civility.  All are welcome, but you must follow the group’s rules.  Those who deliberately break the rules will be banned!  Please review the group’s rules before joining or posting.  You may be denied membership, based on the history of your posting on the Front Page.  Remember:  This is your neighborhood!  It is up to you to keep things civil!


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Raven Wing

How to Resize a Picture in a Comment Window

link Last Reply By @Buzz of the Orient 11 months ago
     Just a few things to add: If you wanted to put any text...

Rockhound's Senior Video

link Last Reply By @Dowser last year
     Thank you, sweet Nona!  I took him for a haircut...

The Gift - A Short Story

link Last Reply By @Dowser last year
     I used to take my cat into the linen closet and read all...

Python Removed from Woman's Ear

link Last Reply By @Raven Wing last year
     If Yoda was to ever get near one she would likely just...

History of the song ''Red River Valley''

link Last Reply By @A. Macarthur last year
     I thought that Moses … oh, Red RIVER … RIVER … Never...
A. Macarthur

Little but Proud

link Last Reply By @Nona62 last year
    Great shot Mac!   Sometimes   I will see some type of...
A. Macarthur

I Scarificed Principle for Love

link Last Reply By @Robert in Ohio last year
     Great story and great photos to accompany the story!  
A. Macarthur

Been Traveling …

link Last Reply By @Buzz of the Orient last year
     Hard Travelin'  (Woody Guthrie) I've been havin' some...