Python Removed from Woman's Ear

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Python Removed from Woman's Ear

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Yet another reason to not own a pet snake...  LINK

snake in ear.jpg PORTLAND, OR (CNN) - Emergency room doctors see a lot of strange things, but even the ER staff must have been surprised when a patient arrived with a pet snake stuck in her distended earlobe.

If you think snakes on a plane are bad, imagine a snake in your earlobe hole.

"If he forces his way through, he's going to split my earlobe, so I was really scared," Ashley Glawe said. 

She and her pet ball python named Bart are inseparable, but when she put him around her shoulders the other day, they suddenly got a little too inseparable.

"What felt like he struck at my ear, I like froze instantly," Glawe said. "I didn't move because I really thought he was like attacking the side of my head."

Talk about an earful. Bart didn't attack. Pythons just like hiding in holes. 

Glawe grabbed some cooking oil.

"I like tried to get him out myself," she said. "And I knew I wasn't going to be able to without hurting him by pulling him back against his scales."  

Ball pythons, by the way, aren't poisonous. They constrict their prey.

The fire department came but had no luck removing the snake. Glawe had someone drive her to the hospital emergency room.  

They numbed Glawe's ear and applied lube.

"Put like string or something like in between my ear and the snake and, like, stretched my ear out more and pulled him back through and all was well," she said. 

Her ear was irritated and bruised, but Bart was fine.

"He acted like nothing even happened and was totally chill," she said.

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