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How to Resize a Picture in a Comment Window

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I have noticed that some folks have a problem with their pictures/memes/images fitting properly within the comment windows. Some are too far off to the right of the window and often cuts off part...

Rockhound's Senior Video

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Every year, somebody is graduating as a senior in band.  We have a huge band parent/student night, and they produce a video of the senior band kid's pictures.  I've spent all day, and most of...

The Gift - A Short Story

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With all the means of communication and entertainment available to us today reading a book seems to have taken a back seat to TV, movies and the social media outlets. I still love to read a book,...
A. Macarthur

Little but Proud

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Downy Woodpecker, Male © A. Mac/A.G.

Python Removed from Woman's Ear

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Yet another reason to not own a pet snake...  LINK PORTLAND, OR (CNN) - Emergency room doctors see a lot of strange things, but even the ER staff must have been surprised when a patient...
A. Macarthur

Here's One for Buzz … and Any Baseball Fan who has Watched his Team in Decline

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© A. Mac/A.G. Best Look at this Link
A. Macarthur

I Scarificed Principle for Love

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The Meditative Experience of Fishing Alone at Twilight Grandfather and Grandson Fishing Late into the Day Fly Tyers Table Top I Am Not Without Vises I Fish Each Summer Night Until It...
A. Macarthur

Been Traveling …

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Just to let members of this Group know that I have been traveling a lot since mid-January and just getting back into the flow here on NT. Prior to my trips, I announced that a new feature...
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