Evolution and Real Science

Evolution and Real Science

All take it for granted, that eternal energy was, is will be, but where did it come from? what went BANG! can nothing explode?

 Does an exploding " non existing mass " develop rotation, No? then what created coagulation and cohesion of the " Nothing that exploded "?

Did Gravity pre exist the Bang!!? If so, we are told that the amount of Gravitational Pull would not allow the mater to expand, If not again, what created the " dust bunnies " to congeal?

 I am all ears for any one to explain " Proto planet Formation " it is still an unknown, Gravity, dark matter, dark energy,  11+ Dimensions/universes to explain the above, and all " Theoretical " you know what that word means right?


do a search on " herbivoreum" and read the article done more then Two Years ago by " truemaskedwabbit" it was for a School Project, then think about it the " vents" as were described have now been verified by NASA and ESA they number to more then Seven and their Size is definitely usable as " Main Trunk" and the " Branches" would be ideal for the " herbivoreums" and later one as the " soil quality improves to " Arboreums" feel free to discuss your personal thoughts and opinions...that is how " Science grows".




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