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Green Energy Is Not a Frivolous “Add on”

By: J.C. Moore
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Dr. Patrick J. Pirotte - Eye Doctors Wichita This is a reprint of a letter to the Wichita Eagle from Dr. Patrick Pirotte, which explains why renewable energy is important for our future.

Dr. Patrick Pirotte, O.D., is a board certified Fellow in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development and treats children with vision and learning-related vision problems. He lectures nationwide on the diagnosis and treatment of vision problems in children and on the impact of vision problems on learning and classroom performance. He is a member of the Citizens Climate Lobby and is an advocate for their carbon fee and dividend system to ensure a healthy future for our children.

The letter below is reprinted with his permission:

“I read with interest recent statements by Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., about renewable energy in Kansas (Oct. 1 Eagle). To imply that the only thing that green energy is doing in Kansas or elsewhere is a frivolous “add on” is incorrect.

Currently installed wind and solar are eliminating hundreds of millions of tons of carbon dioxide while providing reliable energy at competitive prices. The idea that fossil fuel plants must be constantly kept running to back up intermittent sources such as solar or wind is not true.

When President Obama’s Clean Power Plan is allowed to go into effect, there will be a dramatic reduction in respiratory and cardiovascular diseases nationally and internationally. Proponents of burning fossil fuels should recognize these benefits and champion clean energy, saving lives and lowering health care costs.

Furthermore, the price of fossil fuels is not the just cost of fossil fuels, but also the external costs to the environment and people’s health. Because of that, there is a constant error in the way carbon pricing is discussed.

Senator Moran and his colleagues should consider a practical and well-studied proposal to charge a fee on carbon and give a dividend to each household, protecting those who would be harmed by the increased cost of their energy beyond their ability to pay. It is not a tax. Most importantly, it uses the market to send price signals to consumers to move their purchases away from fossil fuels, which will reduce climate change harm from burning them.”



Note: Dr. Pirotte is not only an advocate for renewable energy, but serves as an example of what can bepirotte-2 done. He has installed 40 kW of solar panels on his 9000 square foot clinic as pictured at the right. They have a battery storage system and supply 90% of the energy needed to run the clinic. It is connected by a net metering system to the grid and on sunny days, particularly if the clinic is closed, his installation sends a considerable amount of electricity back onto the grid. He estimates the solar panels save him $6200 per year on his electricity costs and have a payback time of 14 years at current rates. His clinic serves as an example of how businesses can save money and energy by installing solar panels.

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Dean Moriarty
link   Dean Moriarty    9 months ago

I'm no fan of a carbon tax and don't belive in tax credits for renewable energy. If your representative favors a new tax try to replace him with a tea party man that knows we've been taxed too much already. 

J.C. Moore
link   J.C. Moore  replied to  Dean Moriarty   9 months ago

The carbon fee and dividend proposal is not a tax and it uses market forces to reduce air and water pollution and carbon emissions. It looks like something you might support. Click on the link to the Citizens Climate Lobby link in the first paragraph of the article and see if that is something you could support.

J.C. Moore
link   J.C. Moore    9 months ago
comment author avatar

Dr. Pirotte is not only an advocate for renewable energy, but serves as an example of what can be done. He has installed 40 kW of solar panels on his 9000 square foot clinic which supplies 90% of the energy needed to run the clinic.

link   Kavika  replied to  J.C. Moore   9 months ago

Think ''Seven Generations''....That is unlikely to happen with this administration.

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