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Charles Krauthammer and Pyromania

By: J.C. Moore
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In a recent article, Charles Krauthammer lauded Donald Trump’s cabinet picks as they may destroy the agencies which they have been nominated to head. His article, “The Trump Cabinet: Bonfire of the agencies “, reflects his view that Government regulatory agencies should be torched. Like a pyromaniac, Mr. Krauthammer looks on gleefully as a fire he helped create with incendiary articles, lays waste to the agencies set up to protect our health and the environment.

He seems particularly enamored with Scott Pruitt, who will likely head the EPA.  As the Attorney General of Oklahoma, Mr. Pruitt favored corporations and sued the EPA stop enforcement of regulations designed to protect people and the environment . For example, Scott Pruitt’s predecessor in Oklahoma, Drew Edmondson, filed a lawsuit against the chicken industry in Arkansas to keep them from polluting the scenic Illinois River running into Oklahoma. The closing arguments had been made and all Scott Pruitt had to do when he took office was to file the paperwork asking for the decision, but he decided to wait and monitor the situation. Six years later, he is still monitoring it and the quality of the river water is getting much worse. If he can help destroy a scenic river in Oklahoma, think what he can do to the whole country. Under him, the EPA would monitor every situation, but take no action to protect the environment or the public.

It might be no surprise to you to find out that the chicken and the fossil fuel industry donated heavily to Scott Pruitt’s political campaign. Does Mr. Krauthammer really think he will protect the environment? Does Mr. Krauthammer really care if we have clean air to breathe, pure water to drink, and a livable world for our children and grandchildren? How can he claim to be a conservative?

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Dean Moriarty
link   Dean Moriarty    9 months ago

Sounds like Trump has a handle on all of this over regulation. He's appointed one of our best Carl Icahn to help with the over regulation that has been so harmful to our country. I listened to an interview with Icahn earlier this week and it was very encouraging. At 80 it would be easy for Icahn to spend his last few years kicking back but he is digging in and helping our country. He is a great example of a man that has done well giving back for the good of his country. With Icahn working on this we can sleep soundly at night. 


J.C. Moore
link   J.C. Moore  replied to  Dean Moriarty   9 months ago

There is probably some overregulation, but most regulations were in response to incidences that harm the public.. Just look at what happened when we did away with one ancient regulation, the Glass-Steagall act. Please read the words in the picture  in the article. Those who complain the loudest about overregulation are those who need it the most.

Carl Icahn has too many conflicts of interest with his oil company to be effective as a regulator.

Dean Moriarty
link   Dean Moriarty  replied to  J.C. Moore   9 months ago

I believe the recession was the result of too much regulation not too little.


Dean Moriarty
link   Dean Moriarty    9 months ago

Good pick let the firing and cuts begin. Time to cut some red tape. 

J.C. Moore
link   J.C. Moore    9 months ago

Stock up on surgical masks.


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