Child Abuse & Abductions

Child Abuse & Abductions

This is a place to collect and discuss articles about the terrible epidemic of child abuse, abductions, kidnappings, rape, mal-treatment and neglect of our children.

Please sign on and help us find stories about the mistreatment of our nations children. Then join in the discussion, we need your input.

(The Child in our avatar is 21 month old Monica Renee Laminack. She was mauled to death by 7 pit bulls on March 27, 2013 as a result of her 18 year old mothers' neglect. Her story can be read here.)

ChildCare,National Child Abuse Hotline :

1-800-422-4453 (1-800-4-A-CHILD)

Crisis Counselors Available 24/7Click here


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Jerry Verlinger

April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

link Last Reply By @Jerry Verlinger 11 months ago
     Randy posted this article in the Main Forum. You can...
Jerry Verlinger

Syrian Children 'Paying Terrible Price'

link Last Reply By @Jerry Verlinger 5 years ago
     "Every time I see a report on the Syrian conflict, they...
Jerry Verlinger

ICE Agents Arrest 245 Alleged Pedophiles; 44 Children Rescued

link Last Reply By @Aeonpax 5 years ago
    I can assure you that the underground labyrinth of not...
Alan Curtis Montgomery

Suicide Effects Us All (Share It If You Care)

link Last Reply By @Alan Curtis Montgomery 5 years ago
    Thanks for your story and you are so right about being...
Jerry Verlinger

CNN: 8-Year-Old Killed in Boston Marathon Bombings

link Last Reply By @luther28 5 years ago
    The death of the little boy is what finally drove me over...


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