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link 02/02/16 01:00:03AM @flynavy1:

My biggest rush (short of the time we were cat shot at night on the down roll.  Radar altimeter read 5 feet, and swells during preflight were listed at 18-20ft.) was standing behind one of the bow-cat JBDs with a Tomcat spooled up on afterburner.

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retired military ex Republican
link 02/05/16 04:12:29PM @retired-military-ex-republican:

Holy Shit FlyNavy 1. How low is to LOW!  Lucky you were not shot like a submarine. Was in a debriefing when a Col talked about skipping off the desert sand. Flew it back. Sorry no names or location can I give.

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link 11/19/15 01:03:30AM @sixpick:

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