Some Comforting thought.

By:  Kathleen  •  Vacations  •  one week ago  •  5 comments

Some Comforting thought.

In the mist of what is happening, I thought I would share with you a video.  This is Anthony Hopkins playing the piano with his kitty.


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1  author  Kathleen    one week ago

Stay safe everyone and I know we will all get through this....

Vic Eldred
1.1  Vic Eldred  replied to  Kathleen @1    one week ago

We can all use that right now. Thanks.

Sparty On
2  Sparty On    one week ago

Lol .... that cat is like, don’t stop playing but stop moving so much while you’re doing it.

3  Kavika     one week ago


4  Jasper2529    one week ago

I really enjoyed this. Thanks for brightening up my day, Kathleen.