Turkey Trivia

By:  Kathleen  •  Vacations  •  5 months ago  •  13 comments

Turkey Trivia

See if you can answer these questions and have some fun at the same time and learn some things.

No cheating! 

A little something to take our minds off the news.

Please be polite and no religion or politics. Thank you.

1. Which President made Thanksgiving a annual holiday?

A. Washington  B. Lincoln  C. Franklin

2. Approximately how many feathers does a mature turkey have?

A. 500  B. 1,000  C 3,500

3. How fast can wild turkeys run?

A. 15 mph  B. 25 mph  C. 5 mph

4. What do you call the skin that hangs from a turkey's neck?

A. a gobble  B. a wattle  C. a gaggle

5. What do you call a male turkey?

A. Joe  B. Tom  C. Tim

Last question,  What is your favorite Thanksgiving dessert? 


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PhD Principal
1  author  Kathleen    5 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 

A pumpkin roll would be mine.

Freshman Participates
1.1  shona1  replied to  Kathleen @1    5 months ago

Happy Thanksgiving America..enjoy your day with family and friends..stay safe and look after one another..

PhD Principal
1.1.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  shona1 @1.1    5 months ago

Thank you Shona,, you stay safe too..

Buzz of the Orient
Professor Principal
2  Buzz of the Orient    5 months ago

I'm really guessing, so I have little hope of a passing mark..

1 C,  2 B,  3 A,  4 C,  5 B

Cherry or blueberry cheesecake.

For the past two years I attended an expat Thanksgiving banquet buffet dinner held  at a 5 star hotel and posted photo essays here about the experiences, but the dinner was not held this year.  Anyway, I wish all a Happy American Thanksgiving (the Canadian one was last month).

PhD Principal
2.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @2    5 months ago

I remember that, it was a huge feast, everything looked so good.

Vic Eldred
Professor Principal
3  Vic Eldred    5 months ago

Let me give it a try. I know two of them for certain.

Without using Google:

1 B,  2 A,  3 A,  4 C,  5 B

Favorite Thanksgiving desert?

Apple pie w Peppermint Ice Cream. Kind of a recent tradition.

Masters Participates
4  r.t..b...    5 months ago

A second helping of stuffing and gravy...and then a sliver of mincemeat pie with a bourbon creme englais.

Happy Thanksgiving, all...Peace!

Senior Guide
5  Dig    5 months ago

1-B, 2-C, 3-B, 4-B, 5-B

Homemade pumpkin pie (Libby's classic recipe).

Senior Guide
5.1  Dig  replied to  Dig @5    5 months ago

There were some wild turkeys in the yard the other day. Down by where I have the trail camera, too. I'd post a pic or two if it had caught any of them. Unfortunately, there weren't any on it when I checked. They must not have walked right in front of it.

PhD Principal
5.1.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  Dig @5.1    5 months ago

That’s okay... I bet it was nice just watching them.

Just Jim NC TttH
Junior Expert
6  Just Jim NC TttH    5 months ago

A, C, C, B, B.

Cherry Pie..

A little levity if I may. Governor Cooper has made mask wearing mandatory even in our own homes if other than family is in attendance. AND police can ticket you if you have more than ten people. He made it a class 2 misdemeanor which carries up to $1000 fine and even possible jail time. (cops aren't going to enforce it except in extreme cases)

So here........

If you look across the street and there are twenty cars at their house, before you call the police, go sit down and have a glass of milk. It's good for your teeth. Know what else is good for your teeth? Minding your own damned business.

Happy Thanksgiving to All.

PhD Principal
6.1  author  Kathleen  replied to  Just Jim NC TttH @6    5 months ago

I will be too busy cooking.. lol

Sophomore Silent
7  JaneDoe    5 months ago

Happy thanksgiving everyone.