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What are the symptoms of anal cancer? Disease is on the rise in the U.S.

What are the symptoms of anal cancer? Disease is on the rise in the U.S.

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  19 comments  •  7 hours ago
Nov 20 6:17pm @5.1.4 It’s for the next generation, we are past that unfortunately.
Nov 20 6:16pm @5.1.3 Not always, there are some strains that cause cervical cancer. 
Nov 20 10:27am @3.1 My daughter and nieces were vaccinated.  Any vaccination that prevents cancer is something you don’t want to miss. 
Ann Coulter Has Never Looked Uglier

Ann Coulter Has Never Looked Uglier

By: JohnRussell  •  128 comments  •  15 hours ago
There is a double meaning to calling this woman ugly, but it can't really be avoided.  The video is poorly lit, her makeup doesn't help her, her voice is grating, and her attitude is completely off putting.  Worse is the ugliness of her pitiful arguments.  But seriously, this sort of trashy look isnt going to get her back on prime time tv. 
Nov 19 3:28pm @16.1.1 Thank you, I like the haunted house and that is in the background. This was taken the last time we went. This is really nice that we are introducing ourselves.
Nov 19 1:15pm @13.1.9 I showed this thread to my sister-in-law and Jim, you are a hit! Lol
Nov 19 12:42pm @17.2 Nice to meet you Jane.  : ) You look so much like my stepsister Janet.
Nov 19 12:20pm @16 Here is a pic a few years back in Disney.
Nov 19 10:23am @14 I was sort of joking about posting pics, but thank you all that did though...
Nov 19 9:19am @13.3.3 We stayed at the Don CeSar on the gulf a few times. We call it ‘The Don”. That is a nice area. 
Nov 19 9:11am @13.4.1 My point is, none of us are perfect. I have made fun of Schiff a few times, so I admit I am guilty of that.  I just think there has been more unfairness about women as they age. 
Nov 19 8:58am @13.3.1 Nice pictures, looks like you were taking a vacation too. Cute dog.
Nov 19 8:05am @13.1.1 Agreed!
Nov 19 7:33am @11.1 That’s what I would call a backhanded compliment.
Nov 19 1:41am @13 Okay.....for those if you that keep talking about how other people look, how about putting your mugs on here so we can judge you! Ha!
Chris Wallace Accuses Top Republican of ‘Very Badly’ Mischaracterizing Impeachment Testimony

Chris Wallace Accuses Top Republican of ‘Very Badly’ Mischaracterizing Impeachment Testimony

Via: Ender  •  199 comments  •  7 hours ago
Nov 19 2:48pm @6.2.21 😂
Michigan man shoots brother after mistaking him for deer on hunting trip

Michigan man shoots brother after mistaking him for deer on hunting trip

Via: Freefaller  •  45 comments  •  11 hours ago
A Michigan man accidentally shot his own brother after mistaking him for a deer on a hunting trip. Deputies from the Ionia County Sheriff's Office responded to a call of an accidental shooting early Saturday evening in a field in Boston Township, Michigan. Upon arrival, they determined that a man, 29, had shot his brother, 28, while the two were hunting together, according to a press...
Nov 18 2:11pm @2.2 Buck fever is right, my sister was a hunters widow for many years, then she left him.
Nov 18 2:10pm @4 My uncle shot the dog he took hunting with him by mistake.
Wine Talk: The Sound of Silence

Wine Talk: The Sound of Silence

Via: Buzz of the Orient  •  51 comments  •  2 days ago
Nov 18 2:07pm @6.2.5 That I will do... : )
Nov 18 12:25pm @6.2.3 I heard you can get headaches from wine, so the cheap ones do it. I guess I will have to splurge.. : )
Nov 18 12:22pm @6.3.1 Thank you Jane, I like the taste of blackberry. That’s a nice pic too.
Nov 18 11:23am @6.2.1 Great, thank you... more that I will add. I would like to have a nice wine sometime. With the holidays coming up, I want to have wine this year. I usually make spiked eggnog, but I want a change.
Nov 18 11:20am @6.1.6 Thank you, I will add those to my new wine list.
Nov 18 11:20am @6.1.5 That brings back memories. When I was little my mom and dad would always have that wine on the holidays. It was cherry and blackberry, and they would put it in a glass wine decanter with those...
Nov 18 8:07am @6.1 I mean “any suggestions”
Nov 18 7:57am @6 I don’t have wine very often, but I like a sweet wine, not sour and bitter.  Many suggestions?
Elise Stefanik emerges as main Schiff antagonist in fiery impeachment hearings

Elise Stefanik emerges as main Schiff antagonist in fiery impeachment hearings

Via: KDMichigan  •  18 comments  •  3 days ago  •  LOCKED
Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., emerged this week as a central figure on the Republican side of the House Intelligence Committee in the public impeachment hearings -- and a top antagonist of Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif. The 35-year-old lawmaker featured prominently as tensions boiled over between lawmakers on Friday during the questioning of former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. Ranking...
Nov 17 4:31pm @1.1 I liked her.
Why the Public Hates the Press

Why the Public Hates the Press

Via: Heartland American  •  21 comments  •  2 days ago
The lamestream media and its fact checking gatekeepers are dead.  They have no credibility and we the people not only no longer trust them but hold them in sheer and utter contempt as the literal enemy of the people.  Fortunately for America we had Rush and the following radio talkers, then the internet that big tech hasn’t yet controlled.  Then we got Fox News and Drudge.  Now we have...
Nov 17 3:30pm @3 They don’t report the news, they give their biased opinion instead.
Flu season 2019 is here. Vaccinate to maintain herd immunity — and protect everyone.

Flu season 2019 is here. Vaccinate to maintain herd immunity — and protect everyone.

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  58 comments  •  4 days ago
Nov 17 10:53am @4.2.12 That must have been tough. The itching would drive me insane alone. Sometimes I would rather have pain then a itch, at least you can take a pain killer for it.
Nov 16 10:46pm @4.2.10 I had the mumps vaccine and I still got it. That’s why I probably did not have a bad case of it.  That’s why it is so important to get them anyway if you can.  Babies are a terrible risk.
Nov 16 10:25pm @4.2.8 I bet... I know what it’s like to have one sick child. I Got the mumps too. That was not too bad, just puffy checks. I got a week off from school, I was 9.
Nov 16 9:08pm @4.2.6 I would confide with you on it but I can’t... I was only 3 months old and don’t even remember it.. lol My mom told me she covered my hands with mittens so that I would not scratch my face.,
Nov 16 9:05pm @4.2.4 Thanks XD, I will look into it.
Nov 16 9:03am @8.1 That’s good! I wish others would think like that too..
Nov 16 9:01am @7.3 All she has is a screw loose.
Nov 16 8:42am @4.2.1 I will, as soon as I reach the age, I had Chickenpox when I was 3 months old. It was before I could get the shot my mom said.
Nov 16 8:40am @4.3.1 Sorry to hear that Jenn...
Nov 16 8:37am @5.1.8 Even if you get the flu, with the shot it is much milder. 
Nov 15 2:14pm @1.1.1 Washing your hands is so important, can’t stress that enough. Schools, college campuses and hospitals can make you at greater risk. Thanks, I will remember the gloves. Even though the shot helps,...
Nov 15 4:44am @1 We got our shots last month. It’s no fun getting the flu.
Is Christian faith reasonable?

Is Christian faith reasonable?

Via: Heartland American  •  370 comments  •  5 hours ago
The author is right on.  There is no reason or logic without The source and author of such, The Creator, the source of our intelligent design
Nov 16 11:42pm @9.1.9 Must  be miserable living life thinking that you could burn for eternity if you do something wrong... Glad that I know it’s something stupid made up by an idiot.
Nov 15 10:21pm @3 To a Christian, more then likely it is. To a non Christian or another religion they would probably say no. Thats what you will see on this thread.
Put a Caption on This Photo

Put a Caption on This Photo

Via: Buzz of the Orient  •  30 comments  •  4 days ago
Nov 16 11:12pm @18 I don’t not care how much you yell... I am still not buying you that new nest!
Judge calls USC dad a 'thief,' gives longest prison sentence so far in college admissions scandal

Judge calls USC dad a 'thief,' gives longest prison sentence so far in college admissions scandal

Via: Sister Mary Agnes Ample Bottom  •  37 comments  •  3 days ago
BOSTON — Toby MacFarlane, a former real estate and title insurance executive from California, was sentenced to six months in prison Wednesday for paying $450,000 to get his daughter and son admitted into the University of Southern California as fake athletic recruits. It marks the longest prison sentence so far handed down among 13 parents and one college coach in the nation's college...
Nov 16 5:18pm @3.1.11 Well, I do not think much of her and maybe many feel the same. She let us all know that she does not care about being educated, working for a living, spoiled, and on top of it, does not care about...
Nov 16 3:11pm @3.1.7 What’s really bad is now the world knows what a brat she is. Her reputation is ruined, and money does not always fix that.
Nov 15 11:22am @6.1.5 I did not say that you didn’t. I can’t wait to see what happens to Loughlin.  
Nov 15 10:21am @6.1.3 Then we can agree that there is something very wrong with all this then.
Nov 15 9:33am @6.1.1 I am are that happens too, the point is, where does it end? When will those kids learn how to accomplish things on their own.
Nov 15 5:51am @6 Here is another thing.. Okay, they got their kids in, now what?  If their grades were not good enough to get in how can they keep up with their grades now that they are in? College is much harder...
Nov 14 9:04pm @3.1.1 Yes..... I hope they throw the book at her. No remorse at all. I don’t know how she thinks she can win. It’s also sickening that her daughter could care less about getting in when others want to...
Nov 14 7:44pm @3 Not enough time.  I guess these parents have no faith in their own kids to be good or smart enough to get In college on their own.  
President***** Trump Attacks Former Ambassador On Twitter While She Is Testifying To Congress

President***** Trump Attacks Former Ambassador On Twitter While She Is Testifying To Congress

By: JohnRussell  •  321 comments  •  yesterday
Talk about consciousness of guilt ! Trump is attacking her while at the same moment she is testifying to the impeachment committee.  This fool should be made to resign today ! Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · 40m Everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad. She...
Nov 16 4:01pm @15.1.35 Ha! There are a couple diners around our way that have great food, especially the breakfast.  Yep! The desserts are homemade and in a big counter as you walk in. Cakes, pies, and fancy pastries......
Nov 16 3:24pm @16.3 Agreed, even though I agree with most of his policies, I did not like the way he acts and all those tweets. 
Nov 16 3:20pm @15.1.28 Diners are loud too, plus pubs and you can get good food at both. 
Nov 16 3:18pm @8.1.72 He lied about it under oath. That’s what got him impeached.
Impeachment Hearing

Impeachment Hearing

Via: gooseisgone  •  308 comments  •  3 days ago
"Where was the impeachable offense in that call?" Rattcliffe said.
Nov 16 2:27pm @12.4.14 Thanks for your opinion CB, have a good day.
Nov 16 8:51am @12.4.12 I just never cared for her even before Trump was in office. I am sure you understand what I mean, you feel the same way about Trump. 
Nov 15 10:26pm @12.4.7 I would think for myself instead of what she is doing.
Nov 15 10:24pm @12.4.6 I was thinking that myself.  
Nov 15 8:03pm @12.4.3 I did not think she was joking about it, I think it’s a joke that she is going with that for impeachment. More like, well if this doesn’t work, I will try this then.
Nov 15 4:49am @12.4.1 Why what?
Nov 14 6:43pm @12 I notice now that Pelosi is using the word ‘bribery’ as a new tactic to make it look impeachable since their other tactics did not work.  What a joke.
Nov 14 12:00pm @10.2.2 😂
Nov 14 10:28am @3.4.15 A court of law would throw it out. 
Nov 14 10:24am @1.3.1 That’s cute..
Nov 13 7:37pm @3.2.21 Like always, we all have our own opinions. There are too many people that are set in their ways to make any debate worthwhile. So I just state what I think and that’s that.
Nov 13 7:11pm @3.4.4 We had too much of an issue with each other on another thread. Sorry, I think we should let this rest. Good evening.
Nov 13 5:38pm @3.1.3 He pretty much tells it like it is, and I like that. I never even heard of him until this impeachment. I thought he was spot on. I agree that this is all a waste of time.
Nov 13 4:56pm @3.2.2 It’s all about hearsay. I did enjoy watching it though...
Nov 13 4:52pm @3.1.1 This is not about me, it’s about the impeachment hearing today. 
Nov 13 4:27pm @3 Jim Jordan summed it up quite nicely.
AOC Says Impeachment Necessary to Unite Dems, Stop ‘Potential Compromise of the 2020 Election’ .

AOC Says Impeachment Necessary to Unite Dems, Stop ‘Potential Compromise of the 2020 Election’ .

Via: It Is ME  •  60 comments  •  3 days ago
AOC is Great. She says exactly what the Established Democrats say they "AREN'T" doing. Must..... Impeach..... President..... Trump..... Before...... The ….. Next ….. Election.....
Nov 16 8:47am @10 I think they are using this more so Trump does not get re-elected.  
Rural Americans are 'Bad People' Who Deserve to Be Shamed, Says Berkeley Instructor

Rural Americans are 'Bad People' Who Deserve to Be Shamed, Says Berkeley Instructor

Via: Heartland American  •  147 comments  •  2 days ago
The typical hate of Heartland flyover America by the urban bi coastal secular progressive ivory tower dwelling limousine liberal elites comes through loud and clear here.
Nov 16 8:01am @13 I just moved to a rural area, as a mater of fact, it has the lowest crime rate in the state.  I really don’t give a **** what he thinks.
Things are Beginning to Look "Up" ~ On Creative Arts Thursday/Friday

Things are Beginning to Look "Up" ~ On Creative Arts Thursday/Friday

By: A. Macarthur  •  57 comments  •  2 days ago
© A. Mac/A.G. UPDATE: As part of my wife's recovery from a bone marrow transplant, exercise is a high priority ; we walk around the neighborhood on nice days, but earlier this week, I took her to one of my favorite nature places, one with a fairly steep trail, having a meadow on one side, and, a forest on the other. We walked part of the way up, stopped where she...
Nov 15 6:33am @5  Very peaceful looking, very nice.
Nov 15 6:32am @1.3.3 Will be thinking of you, I am happy you are in good hands. Big hugs to you..
Wisdom Of The Eagle

Wisdom Of The Eagle

By: It Is ME  •  6 comments  •  one week ago
Leave your comfort zone, there is no growth there !
Nov 14 12:25pm @2 Magnificent birds.
Bernie Sanders: AOC will have key role in my White House if I'm elected in 2020

Bernie Sanders: AOC will have key role in my White House if I'm elected in 2020

Via: KDMichigan  •  77 comments  •  3 days ago
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., would be given a vital role in a Bernie Sanders administration and could even be tapped for a cabinet-level position, the 2020 presidential hopeful told ABC News on Sunday. "Look, I have said this before, let me say it again -- and I don't want [Ocasio-Cortez] to hear this, because [her] head will explode," Sen. Sanders, I-VT., said during a joint...
Nov 14 11:55am @1.2 No thank you, yuck.
The Greatest Singers Of All Time

The Greatest Singers Of All Time

By: JohnRussell  •  30 comments  •  4 days ago
Nominations?  - I prefer pop singers who have an instantly recognizable voice , sing with clarity, and if necessary to the song , have a powerful voice.  There are hundreds of great singers who have achieved popular success, in pop , rock, country, and R&B.  Here is how I start off this list MISS CHATELAINE - KD Lang SHE'S OUT OF MY LIFE - Michael Jackson...
Nov 14 11:11am @9 Another vocalist that I would like to mention is Jon Anderson. He was a high unique voice that is different. It’s almost angelic in a sense.
Nov 14 10:55am @4 Pasty Cline was always a favorite of mine. She had a beautiful singing voice. My favorite is Sweet Dreams.
Songs that actually "Touch" ...... SOMETHING in you !

Songs that actually "Touch" ...... SOMETHING in you !

By: It Is ME  •  27 comments  •  one week ago
Sometimes a song can get to you ! Whether because of "Overall Life", a "Love", a "Moment" or …..just "Because" ! "Sometimes the very thing you're looking for Is the one thing you can't see !" I try and "See" everything in my Life !  "Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the...
Nov 13 3:44pm @4.1.1 Another nice one!
Nov 13 1:54pm @4 The first time I ever saw your face.
Nov 13 1:49pm @1.1.1 Nice one.
Michigan teen needed new lungs because of vaping

Michigan teen needed new lungs because of vaping

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  33 comments  •  one week ago
How many more kids need to be sick or die before this product is removed from the market?
Nov 13 2:15pm @6.1 These were bought in a store, not on the street. So that is even more alarming. 
Nov 13 8:08am @4 This is really unbelievable the way this stuff damages your lungs so quick. This is so sad, I feel so bad for this young man and his family.  They need to ban all vaping. 
‘Feces… Prostitutes… Needles’: Businessman At Odds With City Over Health Hazards

‘Feces… Prostitutes… Needles’: Businessman At Odds With City Over Health Hazards

Via: KDMichigan  •  47 comments  •  one week ago
DENVER (CBS4)– One businessman in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood is being fined by the city for his refusal to pick up human waste. He believes the problem goes deeper than just what’s happening on the sidewalk outside his business.Jawaid Bazyar has seen it all out side of his business near Curtis St. and 24th in Denver’s Five Points Neighborhood.“There’s food, trash, drug deals. In the...
Nov 13 12:02pm @8.2 😆
Nov 13 11:49am @4.1.1 I know.... those politicians need to do their job. 
Nov 13 10:38am @4 This is what spreads diseases.  They really need to have places for these people to take care of themselves.
Dershowitz: Dems are framing Trump KGB-style

Dershowitz: Dems are framing Trump KGB-style

Via: Heartland American  •  14 comments  •  6 days ago
Dershowitz is exactly right.  It’s ironic that the democrats who colluded would use KGB tactics which is second nature for them.  The way the MBFC approved lamestream media is providing cover for them is simply criminal.  
Nov 12 11:32pm @1.1.1 Yes... I have been.
American Theocracy

American Theocracy

Via: MrFrost  •  85 comments  •  one week ago  •  LOCKED
Nov 12 11:16pm @2.2.19 No, actually I really don’t anymore.
Nov 12 5:35pm @2.2.7 Well said. Yeah, those damn Girl Scout cookies being forced on me.  Just say, no thank you.
Veterans Day

Veterans Day

By: al Jizzerror  •  122 comments  •  5 days ago
First I want to thank everyone who is serving in the United States Armed Forces. You are the 1% of Americans who are protecting the 99% of Americans who are lucky enough to be civilians.  You sacrifice much of your freedom to insure our freedom.  We are safe because you are willing to put yourself in harm's way. When you are deployed, your families are without your nurturing...
Nov 12 7:24pm @3.1.1 That means they can have a big breakfast then a donut for dessert. The grocery store was giving 10% off to veterans too. That was Food Lion.  I bet lots of places are doing some nice things.
Nov 11 6:45am @3 Happy Veterans Day. Dunkin’ Donuts are giving out free donuts to veterans today, so get your free donut. 
 Emma Watson says she's 'self-partnered'. Here's what that means — and why it's not a bad idea

Emma Watson says she's 'self-partnered'. Here's what that means — and why it's not a bad idea

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  122 comments  •  6 days ago
Maybe it's me and I am far too serious, but when I hear terms like "self-partnered" or " conscious uncoupling", it sounds to me like these people are trying to make the mundane into something more worthy of their high and mighty selves. Am I wrong? And what is worse, is it's now being sold to us by some pop psychology. Maybe everyone should just grow up and not have to put a tag on the...
Nov 12 2:07pm @15.1.5 : )
Nov 12 12:25pm @15.1.2 Ha!  I was talking about the article.
Nov 12 11:59am @12.1.7 LOL!
Nov 12 11:58am @15.1 It is nice to share your life with someone. I like being married myself.   She can always change her mind later in life, there will probably be some guy that will fall for her. 
Nov 12 11:19am @13 I think she can be whatever she wants. You have to do what makes you happy.
Nov 12 11:18am @10.2.1 A spinster too, I think I like single or even no label.
Self Deception

Self Deception

By: TᵢG  •  303 comments  •  one week ago
Objectivity takes Practice We like to think we objectively evaluate facts and come to reasonable conclusions.    A suggestion from another that we might be biased on a topic is taken as an insult.  Well we all have biases and it takes awareness and effort to keep them in check.  It is too easy to hear only what we want to hear and ignore that which contradicts our desires. Jim...
Nov 12 10:56am @16.3.26 See... I knew there was some positive energy out there..  All it takes is a some words to bring it out. It worked.  You have a nice day too!
Nov 12 9:32am @16.3.24 Yep, it’s really a shame that life could be so much nicer if there was more consideration for one another. I guess we live in the real world and you can’t change that. Maybe one day people will get...
Nov 11 10:41pm @16.3.19 They changed it after a few years. Maryland.
Nov 11 8:54pm @16.3.14 As I stated above, the elementary school I helped out in were not allowed to have a Christmas tree, or decorations. It was called Winter vacation. We were not allowed to say Christmas vacation, or...
Nov 11 8:27pm @16.2.31 I can remember when I use to help out in elementary school, we were not allowed to say Christmas vacation. It had to be Winter vacation and we were not allowed to have a Christmas tree. I felt that...
Nov 11 8:15pm @16.3.13 Yes, I mean all, plus I agree that those things should not be done to people. Have a good night.
Nov 11 6:28pm @16.3.10 As terrible as you may think Christianity is, there are some people that hold that religion important to them. I know that you have had problems with it throughout your life. I understand why you...
Nov 11 3:14pm @16.3.7 Thanks for helping me see ‘why’ more ‘clearly’.
Nov 11 2:44pm @16.3.4 I understand.
Nov 11 2:44pm @16.3.3 I see, so if there were people of the faith taking about it, it may come to a debate. Okay.
Nov 11 2:25pm @16.3 The one thing I always wondered is that I hear nothing about other major religions. ( Not just this article  or that I think we should) it seems like Christianity is the one that is targeted. That...
Nov 11 1:59pm @16.2.7 I wish I had some magical power to cast a spell on scammers that call me.
Nov 10 6:59pm @12.1.29 You were very lucky to have such wonderful Grandparents. : ) It really depends on what kind of human being you are. There use to be a really nice lady at church. She was the sweetest person. So I...
Nov 10 6:54pm @12.1.27 Okay, I thought you said you kind of missed it. Organized religion was never my favorite. I would always lean more toward spirituality.  I never had a bad experience with religion I thought it was...
Nov 10 6:02pm @12.1.14 I hope you don’t mind me replying to you on this.  Maybe is was not the religion itself but the people that distorted it. I am sorry that happened to you. Peace.
Nov 10 5:01pm @13.1.2 Your last paragraph sounds exactly the way my husband thinks. Although, I am more the emotional one. He is more a matter of fact. So it’s a little of both.
Nov 10 4:40pm @15 We need our emotions. You have to make life worth living. Love, caring, kindness, excitement and many others.  Maybe you need both, to be logical in some situations and to have some emotions in...
Nov 10 3:02pm @12.2.6 Yes.. Sitting on the beach with a couple glasses of wine. : )
Nov 10 1:53pm @12.1.8 Okay, I see, thanks.
Nov 10 1:24pm @12.1.6 I have a question. Are emotions logical?
Nov 10 1:22pm @12.2.2 It’s okay, some people would rather think of something  else when it’s their time.  Mine will be hoping to see my family again... I hope.
Nov 10 12:06pm @12.1.2 Hmmm, I have to say that I liked how you explained that. 
Nov 10 11:52am @12.2 Death is so hard to face. I admit that I am afraid myself. It’s the great unknown. So religion can comfort people. 
Nov 09 7:44pm @4.1.21 I was reading about anger as an emotion and some do think it’s a motivator and that it gives some people drive to push themselves more. Some feel it is a real problem such as people that can’t...
Nov 09 5:37pm @4.1.16 Okay, well, you lost me on that one. I think anger is a negative emotion. 
Nov 09 4:47pm @9.1 Bok Bok Bok.... Sorry TG. : )
Nov 09 4:45pm @8.3.13 I eat meat too, but I think about it sometimes. 
Nov 09 4:36pm @4.1.10 Okay, then as a benefit I also disagree.  I also think that if anyone thinks anger is okay, I would not want to be around them very much.
Nov 09 4:22pm @4.1.7 Using anger as a benefit still does not convince me its the best alternative. So I have to disagree there. 
Nov 09 4:17pm @8.3.11 Never mind... you all are missing my point. 
Nov 09 4:12pm @8.3.9 For thinking about animals. 
Nov 09 4:11pm @8.3.7 That they are thinking of the animal. I thought it was nice that they care about them.
Nov 09 3:50pm @8.3.2 You have to give them credit, I certainly do.
Nov 09 3:45pm @4.1.5 The only thing is what will anger lead to, maybe a killing. That would be a huge disadvantage to anger and or fist fighting. Those benefits you listed are helpful, but there are consequences to...
Nov 09 3:22pm @4.1.3 Your blood pressure will go up too. Exercise would be the best... or better yet, sex. : )
Nov 09 3:12pm @4.1.1 I guess you could say what purpose does emotion have for our survival.  If we are biological organisms, where does emotion fit in? Maybe if you sense danger and you are afraid, that could save your...
Nov 09 2:54pm @4 I think unless we are robots, humans are just made up of emotions. We are social beings and life is all about decisions. Even though you can make a much better decision when you keep out emotions,...
Neil Young says U.S. dual citizenship stalled because of marijuana use

Neil Young says U.S. dual citizenship stalled because of marijuana use

Via: Buzz of the Orient  •  38 comments  •  yesterday
Yeah this immoral SOB who has supported and performed at Farm Aid since its inception, who founded and supports a charity for severely disabled children, who has probably paid millions of dollars in taxes, who, and I speak from personal knowledge, is one hell of a nice guy, who has lived in America for decades, was married to an American wife for 36 years who together had a couple of...
Nov 11 10:36am @1.1.10 We all get upset sometimes. I know there is no perfect country, but I feel like wherever we live, it’s our home. You know the old saying. ‘There’s no place like home’. There are things I do not...
Happy Birthday U.S. Marine Corps.

Happy Birthday U.S. Marine Corps.

Via: 1stwarrior  •  59 comments  •  one week ago
Today is the 244th birthday of the   U.S. Marine Corps . If you're   close to anyone who ever served in the Marines , you might know this already. Yes, the other services -- the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard -- celebrate their birthdays each year (June 14, October 13, September 18, and August 4). But no other U.S. military organization observes its...
Nov 11 6:52am @22 Good morning, I heard on the news that Dunkin’Donuts are giving out free donuts to veterans today.
Nov 10 12:17pm @8 Thank you all for everything you have done. 
The White House Mafia Should be Prosecuted

The White House Mafia Should be Prosecuted

By: al Jizzerror  •  71 comments  •  one week ago
Let's start with EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland who recently "amended" his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.  He first said there was no "quid pro quo".  He was lying to protect Trump.  In his amended testimony he said he "now remembers" that there was a quid pro quo.  That means he committed perjury when he testified the first time. Committing perjury when testifying...
Nov 10 10:44pm @12.1.2 Okay... I keep forgetting about the satire. I also forgot where I was posting. I just noticed.  I have to be more careful next time. 
Nov 10 4:57pm @12.1 You got me wrong there al... never label anyone. Personally I never cared what people believe or what party they are from, as long as they are good human beings. I may have a different opinion...
Nov 10 4:03pm @11.2.10 I use to be years ago, but I saw the light. : )
Nov 10 2:46pm @11.2.8 11.2.7.
Nov 10 2:44pm @11.2.7  Nope. Socially Liberal, fiscally conservative.
Nov 10 2:06pm @11.2.3 Hey! I am a moderate Republican....
Madonna is frequently hours late for concerts, a fan says. He's suing.

Madonna is frequently hours late for concerts, a fan says. He's suing.

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Nov 10 11:44am @4.1.4 Yes! He must have really wanted to see her. The most I ever payed was $110 and that was to see YES.
Nov 10 11:42am @4.1.3 That is probably a better word for her. That is the same word my husband used after reading the article. 
Nov 10 8:16am @4.1 It was late when I posted and I did not read the whole article.  Now that I read it, they should have refunded the money to that man and any others that wanted one. I am normally not a sue kind of...
Nov 10 4:13am @4 I have been to many concerts and they started on time or close to it.  Never had the desire to see her. I wouldn’t sue, but I would not go to any more of her concerts knowing that this is how she...
Is anyone else tired of what is going on in politics?

Is anyone else tired of what is going on in politics?

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I don’t know about anyone else, but I am getting so tired of the relentless rants about Republicans, Democrats, whether you like or hate Trump... and so on. When do you say you had enough?  This blog is about how you feel about being tired of it, not a debate about Trump or any other politician, or Republicans or Democrats. Please be polite....
Nov 10 11:33am @14 I knew I was asking for too much. Thanks to all the posters that stayed on topic.  As for the others that could not help themselves, you have plenty of other articles to mouth your shit on....
Nov 09 7:53pm @10.2 I think it starts to go off tract. Instead of talking about policies and what can we to to improve things, we resort to personal negative comments and even about their family members.  I have seen...
Nov 09 3:18pm @8.2.2 Very true, I have come across some very intelligent and intellectual posters and some really bad ones on different sites.  It’s much easier to say things to people you don’t know or never have to...
Nov 09 1:21pm @8.2 Toddlers would be a good description by the way people have been acting about it.  Just think of all the things that could be accomplished by using that energy to be positive instead of negative....
Nov 09 11:23am @6.1 I hope you do, I was thinking about posting mine too, maybe sometime. Yes, it can stress you out and raise your blood pressure...
Nov 09 11:20am @7 Just a reminder, this blog is not about how we disagree with  Republicans or Democrats or how much we dislike a particular politician. This is about how we feel about politics in general. I know...
Nov 09 10:20am @3.1 Thanks for the comment.  Yes, it is nice that we as Americans can voice our opinions and decide who we would like. Politics is a dirty business with much dishonesty too. I do feel like right now it...
Michael Bloomberg Files Papers for Alabama Democratic Primary

Michael Bloomberg Files Papers for Alabama Democratic Primary

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Michael R. Bloomberg filed the paperwork required for Alabama’s Democratic primary on Friday, taking a first step toward a potential 2020 presidential bid, though he hasn’t announced a formal decision to enter the race. Bloomberg submitted the documents in Alabama to meet the state’s early filing deadline of Friday. Several other states, including New Hampshire, have filing deadlines as...
Nov 10 10:31am @6.1.52 I like coke much better then Pepsi. Pepsi is way too sweet for me.  Sometimes we would say soda, but my  grandma called it soft drinks. I don’t drink a lot of soft drinks, I like juice better and...
Nov 10 9:02am @6.1.48 I grew up with, soft drinks.
Nov 09 5:18pm @10 I really don’t know enough about this man to consider him for the job.
It's about time !

It's about time !

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Scott Hamilton (Taran Killam) and Tara Lipinski (Cecily Strong) cover U.S. Men's Heterosexual Figure Skating, a competition to find straight figure skaters in case of boycotts in Sochi due to Vladimir Putin's anti-gay stance.
Nov 08 8:02pm @2.1.2 Satin sheets are too cold...  🥶
Bernie Sanders Says Wealth Tax Would End Need for Charitable Giving Because Poor People ‘Would Have Dignity’

Bernie Sanders Says Wealth Tax Would End Need for Charitable Giving Because Poor People ‘Would Have Dignity’

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Bernie Sanders could not be more wrong.  We do not derive human worth from money or from the dole of government.  Our founding fathers understood the equality of our creation as human beings as well as who both created us and have us the human rights they recognized that we all have.  No government program or legalized theft from some to give to others will provide a sense of worth.  
Nov 08 4:36pm @1.1.2 One important factor about working is that you can teach anyone the skills, it’s the attitude you can’t change. You have some people playing around instead of working. It’s not about money and...
 Las Vegas adopts ban that prohibits sleeping, camping on streets and sidewalks

Las Vegas adopts ban that prohibits sleeping, camping on streets and sidewalks

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Humane treatment of the homeless is probably one of the biggest problems every city has. How would you fix the problem?
Nov 07 5:35pm @6 I don’t know.... I always felt sorry for those people. I hope there is a place for them to go. 
Why you should talk to your plants

Why you should talk to your plants

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Nov 06 5:59pm @3 I guess if you have nobody to talk to you start talking to something. I heard they grow better.
What Keanu Reeves dating 'age-appropriate' Alexandra Grant reveals about sexism and ageism in Hollywood

What Keanu Reeves dating 'age-appropriate' Alexandra Grant reveals about sexism and ageism in Hollywood

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The reason I chose this as the morning story is that it says so much about where we are as a society. I mean kudos to Reeves for his relationship and it's nice that he is dating an age-appropriate woman, but then the people who tweeted (you can find the tweets on the link provided) carried on about the woman's decision not to dye her hair, as if that made her stronger in some way. Then they...
Nov 06 11:42am @4.1 Correction: Personality lol
Nov 06 8:11am @4 Personally is everything and also what is within the heart.  Good for him.
Paging Dr. Reddit: More people turn to social media for STD advice

Paging Dr. Reddit: More people turn to social media for STD advice

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Are you telling me that the members of NT don't know enough about STD's to give out advice? Try harder! 
Nov 05 12:40pm @3 Relying on the internet for medical advice is very dangerous.  Go see a doctor if you have concerns.
What, exactly, is President Trump’s ‘high crime’ here?

What, exactly, is President Trump’s ‘high crime’ here?

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The democrats impeachment charade is completely baseless and with out merit.  There is no treason, no bribery or corruption, no high crimes, and no misdemeanors. They have zero, zip, nada.  There is no there there and the senate should this steaming pile of Schiff ever reach them will move to dismiss the moment the house charges are read into the record. They see what a biased and partisan...
Nov 03 11:20pm @3 It’s really all to vague, it’s all political. 
The New York Times Just Tried to Disprove God — Here’s the Fatal Flaw in Their Case

The New York Times Just Tried to Disprove God — Here’s the Fatal Flaw in Their Case

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God is real.  He is the author and creator of logic and science.  All rely on God to make whatever argument they choose to make.  Atheists are simply deniers of reality.  
Nov 03 10:35pm @4.2.52 Even though I have a different opinion, I am not going to challenge him.  He can believe what he wants.  I will move on.
Nov 03 10:25pm @4.2.49 Okay.....
Nov 03 8:40pm @4.2.40 I agree, I think if someone told me that I was going to burn in Hell that would be the last conversation I have with them.
Nov 03 8:26pm @4.2.35 Good luck with that. Like I said above, faith is powerful. 
Nov 03 8:00pm @4.2.33 True, but some people do.
Nov 03 7:51pm @4.2.30 Well.... to him it is logical. 
Nov 03 7:47pm @4.2.29 I don’t know, the problem is that there are so many kinds of religions too. He must have strong faith in his god. Ask him.... lol
Nov 03 7:45pm @4.2.27 The thing is, I do not mind that people are religious and non religious.  The only thing is that they are in it for themselves not to push others be religious or non religious. I am not sure, so I...
Nov 03 7:38pm @4.2.25 I don’t not think you can prove it. It’s all about faith and belief. 
Nov 03 7:36pm @4.2.24 That is good for you, but I can’t seem to rest with any opinion about this subject.  I think all along even when I was little I questioned it. I can’t be 100% about all this.
Nov 03 6:58pm @4.2.17 I think it’s just getting to the point that there is nowhere to go with this. If you are an Atheist or agnostic, you will agree with that point of view. If you are a believer you will agree with...
Nov 03 5:37pm @4.2.11 As a matter of fact, why waste your time even commenting about it.....
Nov 03 5:36pm @4.2.10 Then it’s just a waste time then.  You just can’t make people think the way others want them to think. 
Nov 03 5:26pm @4.2.7 Do you really think he will prove it to you?
Nov 03 5:25pm @4.2.6 Then you are just wasting your time talking to people that will never agree with you.
Nov 03 5:22pm @4.2.4 My feelings are, I don’t know. If you are not 100% sure either way, you fall into that category.  That’s what some misunderstand. 
Nov 03 4:49pm @4.2.1 It sure looks like they are giving it their best shot. By reading the comments on here, and other articles throughput the years, they are. If they are not trying to prove it, then why are they...
Nov 03 4:45pm @4.1.1 If that were the case then none of us would be talking about it. I think you missed the point I was trying to make.  Sure, if you believe the Bible was all true, but not everyone does.  If every...
Nov 03 4:01pm @4 You just can’t prove it either way.  Both sides can argue till you are blue in the face, you will have to wait till you die to find out. Even then you may not.  So stop worrying about it and start...
10 reasons swearing is good for you

10 reasons swearing is good for you

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Nov 02 12:40pm @6.1 When I was little, I would sit under the kitchen table and say shit... shit.. shit.. till my mom could grab ahold of me.  That was when I got mad at my mother for something. My older sister would...
Nov 02 11:57am @3.1 Actually not enough... I would really like to tell a few here what I really think of them. 😈
Memories of Childhood and Youth 

Memories of Childhood and Youth 

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Memories of Childhood and Youth  Sometimes my thoughts return to the days when I was a kid, a teenager, a young man, thinking back to where I was and remembering the home I grew up in, the neighbourhood, the schools I went to, the movie theatre, the stores.  I was born in St. Joseph Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario. When I was born, my parents lived above my maternal grandparents'...
Nov 01 4:52pm @5 I enjoyed reading about your early life Buzz....


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Public Service Announcement History of National American Indian Heritage Month What started at the turn of the century as an effort to gain a day of recognition for the contributions of the many intertribal cultures, as well as to educate everyone about the rich history, heritage, art, and traditions of the original American peoples made to the...
Nov 01 10:18am @2 I have always thought that Indians were never treated fairly throughout history.  They were here long before anyone else and deserve the recognition.  I remember my mom saying the same thing. Nice...