Real Christmas tree or fake one?

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What kind of tree are you using this year?

Real tree
Fake tree


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3  lib50    6 months ago

New house this year and we have a tree out front we put lights on, it looks great, its pretty big.  If we do get one for inside it will be a small live one most likely.  I will miss putting ornaments on the tree, but maybe clean up will be faster! I have a feeling we will just decorate and not get a tree this year.

1  Kathleen    6 months ago

What kind of Christmas tree are you using this year?

Real or fake.

Old Hermit
1.1  Old Hermit  replied to  Kathleen @1    6 months ago
What kind of Christmas tree are you using this year?


Haven't celebrated any Holidays since 2002, but back when I did have a family we went with real trees about 16 out of 22 years.

Back in 1976, for our first Christmas, my wife and I drove out to the country where I sawed down a scrawny little twig of a tree growing on the side of the road with a my serrated pocket knife.

Durn thing barely held up the popcorn garland we decorated it with.

Since I wasn't sure what kind of gift to give the women of my dreams on our first Christmas together I splurged and got her a both bottle of perfume AND a new frying pan!  (thought I was covering all my gift giving basses :)

Best Christmas ever, well at least until we got to watch the kids the season lights and their first gifts from Santa.

What our first tree looked like to us.


What our first tree looked like in reality.


1.1.1  Kathleen  replied to  Old Hermit @1.1    6 months ago

Hello Old Hermit,

I think that little tree is precious. It’s just something about it.  Perfume is always nice to get. : )  I scaled down myself this year..  it’s much more fun when the kids are little.

Buzz of the Orient
1.2  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Kathleen @1    6 months ago

Although there are many Christians in China and I'm sure lots of them put up and decorate trees for Christmas, and the stores sure do a big Christmas promotion and decorate and play Christmas music, my wife is a Buddhist and we don't celebrate Christian holidays.