Spain or (Andalus) Israel or (Palestine) They are both now "Da al harb"

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Spain or (Andalus)  Israel or (Palestine) They are both now "Da al harb"

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Spain or (Andalus) was once "Dar al Islam"

As was once Israel or (Palestine) They are both now "Da al harb"

This does no bode well for either nation. As now there is a religiously motivated strong compulsion to engage in a struggle (jihad) to reclaim them in the name of submission (Islam) This could be a very bad sign for the people of Spain.


In an article by the pro-ISIS activist group Al-Wafa Foundation, activist Abu Marya Al-Aseef called on Muslims to target nightclubs, shopping centers, ships, and airplanes in Spain using explosives, machine guns, and trucks, in order to avenge the crimes committed by Spain against Muslims, past and present, from the Inquisition to its participation in the coalition forces fighting terrorism.


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