Franklin Graham to Buttigieg: 'We don't define sin, God does'

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Franklin Graham to Buttigieg: 'We don't define sin, God does'
“We don’t define sin, God does in His Word, the Bible. Using new terms like ‘Progressive Christianity’ and the ‘Christian Left’ may sound appealing to some, but God’s laws and standards do not change. He says, ‘For I am the Lord, I change not.’ I believe what the Bible says is truth.”

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He also promised he would support a federal “equality act,” which, according to the bill now in Congress, would threaten constitutionally protected rights of Christians.

Graham said Buttigieg is “attacking Vice President Mike Pence for his stand with the Word of God.”

“I have such a great respect for the vice president, for his leadership in our nation, for his personal integrity, and for his Christian faith,” he wrote.

CNN reported Wednesday Pence responded to Buttigieg’s attack with: “He knows better. He knows me.”

“Nineteen people running for president on that side in a party that’s sliding off to the left. And they’re all competing with one another for how much more liberal they can be,” Pence said.



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