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link   Neetu2    4 years ago

Just dropping in to say hello, Moon. I have been scarce around here, but I should now be stepping in a bit more often. Hope you are well. 

link   deepwaterdon    5 years ago

Moon Crow.... Thank you. Slowly I am finding 'friends' on this format.

Moon Crow
link   Moon Crow  replied to  deepwaterdon   5 years ago

My pleasure Don... I'm just getting back into Newstalkers myself ... I rather like this new format I think...

link   Neetu2    5 years ago

Thanks for following me, Moon. Lovely to see you again.

Moon Crow
link   Moon Crow  replied to  Neetu2   5 years ago

Lovely to see you again too Neetu2!

link   sixpick    5 years ago

Thank you very much for accepting my friend request Moon Crow.  Hope I see ya more and I behave myself better. thumbs up

Moon Crow
link   Moon Crow  replied to  sixpick   5 years ago


Nigel Dogberry
link   Nigel Dogberry    5 years ago

Where you hiding, my dear? Don't be a stranger. Well, not too strange, anyway.Smile.gif

Time Lord
link   Time Lord    6 years ago

M'Lady...I believe 2015 will prove to be an interesting, eye opening and revealing year in many respects. Recent events have put me on an unexpected and unanticipated course. I think my challenge is going to be to discover what that means and determine (in part) what that looks like. Whats to be afraid of or NOT to like...?

Time Lord
link   Time Lord    6 years ago

ahhhhhhh Miss have graced us with a glimpse of your soul reflected through those beautiful eyes in this new avatar photo.

Thank You for thaa an 'stepping out'

Nigel Dogberry
link   Nigel Dogberry    6 years ago

Thanks for the friend request. Gladly accepted. Grin.gif

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link   Perrie Halpern R.A.    6 years ago
Hi Moon Crow,Got your friend request today and was shocked to see it... mainly because I was thought we were friends already, LOL! Glad you sent it!
Time Lord
link   Time Lord    6 years ago

Miss Moon...

I jus picked up yer message here. Yes, doin alright. I sent our mutual friend an email a couple days ago to check in and I passed on your greeting. Ah haven't heard back so far. Not unusual, as his presence on-line or even to check his email is like me...sporadic at best.

All the BEST M'Lady...


Time Lord
link   Time Lord    6 years ago

OMG...!!! Miss Moon...!!!!!!!!!


This happened back in NOVEMBER...????? Ah guess the question should be, where da F...... have ah been? Obviously not hangin out here wit all my cyber friends. Of course it goes without saying you have been 'officially' accepted...most graciously ah might add...ta ma distinguished short list of eclectic cyber friends. I will do my best to be more 'visible' here and about. Each full moon I send you good thoughts. TL

link   Neetu2    7 years ago

Moon, where are you shining your light these days? Haven't seen you for a while, my friend. Hope you are okay.

Jerry Verlinger
link   Jerry Verlinger    7 years ago

Welcome to NewsTalkers Moon Crow!

It looks like you have lots of friends around here so you may already know y ou have a joined a dynamic and growing social news site where we discuss everything from pets to politics.

As a new member, you should click on Perries' Instructional Videos , they will help you learn how to navigate the site.

You should also consider joining the NewsTalkers Community group. NTC functions as the NewsTalkers bulletin board where the administration will post any important changes, and some not so important changes,
regarding the site functions, its policies or the Code of Conduct .

Also check out the other various groups, and sign on to whatever interest you. We do frivolous, we do serious, we do funny, we sometimes do contentious, but mostly we just enjoy the company of some of the greatest news bloggers on the web.

We look forward to your contributions,
Jerry Verlinger
NewsTalkers Community Group Co-Administrator

Mrs D
link   Mrs D    7 years ago

My dearest friend Moon Crow is finally here. Love your avatar. Grin.gif

link   Neetu2    7 years ago

A very warm welcome to you, Moon!

James S. Morris
link   James S. Morris    7 years ago

Hello Moon Crow, glad to meet you, welcome aboard6.gif

A. Macarthur
link   A. Macarthur    7 years ago

Hello and a special welcome!