For Fans of The Walking Dead

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For Fans of The Walking Dead

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Favorite TV Shows and Discussions About Them

So, I noticed that there was only one other person that mentioned this show in the list of favorites; however, I thought I would address it anyhow. jrSmiley_82_smiley_image.gif

What are some of your favorite moments in TWD? I love the interaction between "Judith" and "Negan." "Little Ass-Kicker" is probably my favorite character in the current TWD series / season. One of my favorite scenes was the first time that "Michonne" and "Rick" kissed. I jumped up and yelled, "BOUT TIME!" I also loved, "Abraham-isms" for example, "Suck my nuts!"

What's your favorite character? <- That can be from the other spin off series too. My favorite character of all of TWD franchises is John Dorie on Fear the Walking Dead. If you haven't watched this spin off, a little warning, the first two seasons are quite boring and dry, but it's interesting to see walkers that are "fresh" rather than rotting and it's interesting to watch the personalities adapt and learn which ones were surprisingly ready for a world like this. From the third season on, it's been pretty exciting; and of course two of the original TWD characters have become part of FTWD series now. OH! And I love "Jerry" for sure!

Did you ever read any of the comics? I have and there's a LOT of differences, but that's okay.

What characters didn't you like? I couldn't stand "Andrea" nor could I stand "Lori." I don't care that "Lori" was "Rick's" wife and "Carl and Judith's" mom. 

Good grief, I can't wait for the season finale!!! I would've thought it would be out by now, but oh well.


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