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link   Freefaller    last year

OSM not sure if you'll see this but you mentioned in the current COC post about Perrie putting her foot down about casting doubt on someone's service.  If possible can you link me to that, I would be interested in reading it.  Thanks

Old School Marine
link   Old School Marine  replied to  Freefaller   last year

Hey first I just now saw this so my apologies.  But I think that thread is gone, however, you can see more of the same on the METAFIED Perrie wrote IN DEFENSE OF BOB NELSON

link   Spikegary    2 years ago


Are you someone I knew under a different name here/on NV?  On your Bergdahl story today, you, as author can request off topic responses be removed-like LennyLynx put on there-only the author can do that. 

BTW, thank you for your service, if you are not the person I think you are, I am 21 years active retired Air Force, and have been working at an Air Force Base ever since (18 years next month).

Old School Marine
link   Old School Marine  replied to  Spikegary   last year

Hey Spike I just got this and yes we've known each other for awhile both here and the vine!!

Mary J 0604
link   Mary J 0604    6 years ago