In Defence of a Veteran, Bob Nelson

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In Defence of a Veteran, Bob Nelson

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About a week ago, Bob Nelson was valour as a Vietnam Vet was called into question by 2 other members. I was beyond angry. All the men in the Berlin family have served this nation for 3 generations, and I was taught that you never questioned someone's valour, especially when they laid their life on the line in combat. Unlike many who have served, Bob didn't sit behind a desk. He fought on the frontlines. 

Those who questioned his service I have not forgotten. Those who said it didn't matter and served I call BS. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. 

Bob, as for your 2 days suspension, I am sorry, but you seem to operate on the assumption that two wrongs make a right. They don't. You name called and you went over your limit for the month. That is on you, not me. You had alternatives like flagging the comment, but your anger got the better of you. 

I find this whole event disgusting. Those of you who questioned Bob's service did so for no other reason than they don't agree with his politics. That's pretty small from people who call themselves vets. I expect better, especially being the daughter of an vet who served in two wars. 


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