Newstalkers Is Anything But That

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Newstalkers Is Anything But That

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I joined Newstalkers on day 1, way back when, coming on board at the request of both Perrie and DKaz from The Vine.

Back then, there was in fact, good healthy discussion around here, a lot of disagreement and the occasional and oft times intense, knock down drag out.  However, regardless of which side of the fence one found themselves on, the site actively strove to maintain impartial debate/discussion.  Those days are long gone.

These days,  this website, unfortunately, has denigrated from a website which actually did promote civil debate and impartial discussion into nothing more than a venting outlet for the anti-Trump administration crowd, a place for extreme liberals to publicly spew hate with such a disregard for the opinions of others that there is honestly no reason for anyone right of center to even be a member here.  Here is what is written in the ABOUT US section of the website:

Who We Are     

Welcome to The NewsTalkers! We bring articles from across the web, as well original member commentary for in depth discussion and debate. We are dedicated to news and political and social enthusiasts that are passionate about government and civic issues—sharing our unique opinions and knowledge. But The Newstalkers are more than just politics and news. We offer discussions ranging from economics, science and technology to social trends and culture. Whether you are looking for information or a good debate, we are here to engage you!

Our Purpose and goal           

Our goal at The Newstalkers is to be the best place online to find high-quality, informative-style content and debate from across the web. We are also a platform for enthusiasts and aficionados to create original, useful, in-depth content. The NewsTalkers provides this in a community setting, that is fully moderated and member centric. What makes us unique is that the membership have a voice in all aspects of NewsTalkers.

As I said, these days, Newstalkers is anything but.

In paragraph 3 of the Code of Conduct, it states as follows:

Authors/seeders are expected to foster healthy, open discussions.

This rule, in and of itself, is the most violated on all of this website.  A quick glance at the front page will prove nothing but the opposite.  The articles being published and the authors publishing them are without question some of the most extreme left leaning persons on the site.  These articles are not meant to foster healthy discussion in any way, shape or form,  but to attack a presidency the left refuses to accept as legitimate. 

There is not the first ounce of civility on any of these articles. The name calling of the president and his supporters, the vile amount of hatred directed at this administration and its supporters, and the public, almost proud admission that this is retaliatory due to how some here perceive the Obama Administration was treated.  To these persons it would appear two wrongs make a right.  They're wrong, make no mistake about it, however were the people publishing these articles actually attempting to foster healthy discussion, they would simply call Trump by his name.  They won't however, because civil discussion is the last thing these people want, they want a HATE OUTLET, and in Newstalkers, they have found it.  They are being allowed to simply run amok, moderators name calling the President of the United States in every single comment they post.  The excuse for this is that moderators are allowed to post as members, to which I agree, however, I also believe that as a moderator, one should be held to a higher standard and therefor exhibit more restraint and civility.  Again, this is simply not happening, quite the opposite in fact.  

Others are being openly allowed to make what is in the very least veiled death threats in violation of the following Term of Service:

  • Post any content that depicts or contains rape, extreme violence, murder, bestiality, incest, or other similar content; 

Complete groups of people are still being allowed to be attacked without recourse, ie: "TEVANGELICALS, RETHUGLICANS, THUMPERS, ETC.", all under the guise of free speech and the COC be dammed.

There is, these days, not the first occasion where someone can publish a thread about something to where certain factions on this website cannot speak to the topic without attempting to brazenly derail someone elses thread and turn it into a hate fest against the president.

Yesterday, a member posted a great little piece about the news and what's happened to it of late.  Nowhere in the body of the article is the President mentioned, yet true to form, there were a select few who had to take what was a very good discussion and shit all over it by throwing the President into the mix when the article was clearly NOT about the president, but specifically about the news.  These people seem to be absolutely obsessed with the mindset that anything they say absolutely has to be an attack upon the president of the United States. 

No matter what the topic, if they don't trash the President, they apparently have nothing to say. 

This is not fostering civil debate, it's encouraging a hate fest.  I've been watching the past couple days, and the amount of comments from those who lean right being hit for being off topic, skirting, etc. far and away exceed the number of comments being hit from those on the left.  If I'm wrong, then I would certainly love to see a breakdown because a quick perusal of any number of articles will prove me right.  Why does this matter?  It matters because it further proves to validate my claim that this site is no longer impartial nor interested in fostering civil discussion, it is as I stated, a place for those on the left to gather together to have a collective hate fast.  And true to form, watch the comments abound telling myself and those who agree with me that we don't have to stay here, that if we don't like it we should leave.  This is exactly what those on the left side of this site desire most, for anyone with a dissenting opinion to simply leave. 

This is because as I stated, those on the left side of this website DO NOT WANT civil discussion, they simply want a HATE OUTLET website to call their own.


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