From Dulay:The Snowflakes Are Causing An Avalanche Of Bullshit.

By:  Perrie Halpern  •  8 months ago  •  120 comments

From Dulay:The Snowflakes Are Causing An Avalanche Of Bullshit.

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Is the only solution to acquiesce to NT being a FAKE NEWS echo chamber?

Our mods deal with a plethora of whining conservative Snowflakes every day.

The usual suspects post bullshit and they expect and often demand that their POV be allowed to stand unquestioned. They post a seed or make a comment to start some shit and then they are Shocked! Shocked I tell you, that other members challenge them.

Instead of defending their seeds or comments, instead of making a cogent argument, instead of answering questions and participating in a give and take on their seeds or threads that they start, they flag comments solely because they disagree.

That petulant crap puts an undue burden on our mods. There's no reason for it other than too many here have a problem with accepting that 'adulting' is a requisite for membership.

READ the COC and STOP flagging comments just because you disagree with the content. JUST STOP.

It isn't a revelation to anyone here that there are a couple of members that lock their seeds if they don't like the 'direction' that they are going. Of course, they post their 'last word' just before locking it so everyone can see just how irate they were about other members challenging the veracity of their proclamations. 

IMHO, that's just intellectual cowardice. If you can't defend your seed, delete the damn thing. If you let a locked seed linger on the FP it's about your ego.

Then there are others that seed total bullshit from unreliable sources where their cheering section join in with back slapping encouragement. Yet when another member question the sources reliability or have the audacity to point out that their source is proven to be the kind of FAKE NEWS that they pretend to abhor, they get pissed off. They whine about 'attacking the source instead of refuting the article'.

A constant point they try to push is that even though they KNOW that their seed is bullshit, other members have to PROVE that their seed is bullshit. Of course, when a member does just that, they walk away from the seed. In some cases, they disappear for a day and come back and start commenting again as if the seed hadn't been debunked., thus keeping their bullshit on the FP for just that much longer.

Oh and let's not forget the 'authors' that post off topic shit on their own seeds and let their buddies do the same but when someone they disagree with posts a reply to those 'off topic' comments they flag it as off topic.

This particular kind of abuse is hard for mods to keep up with. Mods are being used as unwitting censors because they just review the seed, note that the flagged comment is indeed off topic and remove it. They don't take the time to review the THREAD or the posts that comment is replying to and they shouldn't have to. The mods inherently trust the author/seeder to be impartial in their reporting and sadly, all too many authors/seeders do not deserve that trust.

This is the 'QUALITY' of discourse displayed here and that actual Good Faith members are forced to deal with every day. 

Yet that crap shouldn't fly here.

Per the CoC:

Authors (with assistance from administration) moderate their own articles. Authors are expected to foster healthy, open discussions. They are responsible for the content they submit and must exercise impartiality when reporting abuse.

Many a seeder, when confronted about the lack of veracity of their seed, has stated that they 'just posted the seed to stimulate discussion'. That is a fucking cop out. Stand by what you seed, state your position about it's content and STOP pretending that you're not responsible for whether or not what you seeded is false. You ARE, period full stop.

Ditto if you post a link in your comments. You linked it, you own it.

If you don't VET your seeds/links, other members have every right to and I for one intend to do so whenever I can.

To my conservative counterparts here. STOP whining. If you don't like me calling you out for seeding weak fallacious shit, STOP seeding weak fallacious shit.

The Mods aren't your big brother who you call because you picked a fight that you can't win.


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