Trump Says To Drink Lots Of Water, Media Reports He Told Everyone To Drown Themselves

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By:   The Babylon Bee

Trump Says To Drink Lots Of Water, Media Reports He Told Everyone To Drown Themselves
"Water's tremendous, very powerful stuff," he said. "You won't believe the things they can do with water.

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On a more uplifting  Note..... Sarah Jean Bill Bob died of Dehydration last week. She listened to "The Rachel".

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

WASHINGTON, D.C.—At his press conference last night, President Trump told everyone to stay hydrated and drink lots of water.

"Water's tremendous, very powerful stuff," he said. "You won't believe the things they can do with water. Water balloons. Water slides. Water beds. It's amazing. You can freeze it and make ice, I'm told. Ice is great for lots of things. Ice cream. Ice cubes. Igloos."
"Anyway, drink water."

Horrified journalists scrambled to warn Americans not to drown themselves in their pools and bathtubs.

"Trump says water is good -- but this is very misleading," said Rachel Maddow. "Did you know that water kills many people every year? These dangerous, unhinged remarks from the president could cause many to drown themselves. Plus, do you know what's hidden in water? Sharks. This president wants you to die from a shark attack!"

Representatives for various bottled water companies quickly released a statement distancing themselves from the president's remarks and warning everyone not to submerge themselves in the ocean for minutes at a time. 


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It Is ME
1  seeder  It Is ME    4 months ago

The "Medias" …… ON IT ! jrSmiley_25_smiley_image.gif

2  squiggy    4 months ago

Turn around, don’t drown.

3  Sunshine    4 months ago these seeds. 

4  Tacos!    4 months ago

Yeah, this is pretty much how it works. Spot on, as the kids say.

Release The Kraken
5  Release The Kraken    4 months ago

Roswell Rachel transmissions in progress!  Tin foil hats engage!  

Russia is controlling our president!  Stay In doors, the Racist virus is going to kill you. Cut off your genitals or climate change will kill you.

Stay tuned, tomorrow night our leader will be on the show. Yes the retarded 15 year old girl who commands us to not to eat meat has a special message! Don't miss it!


Just Jim NC TttH
5.1  Just Jim NC TttH  replied to  Release The Kraken @5    4 months ago


5.1.1  squiggy  replied to  Just Jim NC TttH @5.1    4 months ago


5.1.2  Ed-NavDoc  replied to  squiggy @5.1.1    4 months ago

Anything I see or read as coming from or attributed to Rachel "Mad Dog" Maddow I automatically discount from the get go!

6  JBB    4 months ago

Trump, "Covid-19 Is a hoax". Media reports, "100,000 Americans Dead".

No /S...

6.1  Texan1211  replied to  JBB @6    4 months ago
Trump, "Covid-19 Is a hoax".

No /S...…..just the TRUTH

Release The Kraken
6.2  Release The Kraken  replied to  JBB @6    4 months ago

You don't say?


6.2.1  squiggy  replied to  Release The Kraken @6.2    4 months ago

More fake, photoshopped shit. Those shoes don’t go with that purse.

6.3  gooseisgone  replied to  JBB @6    4 months ago
Trump, "Covid-19 Is a hoax".

I have heard many times how smart Democrats are, I guess they just can't comprehend the English language very well or maybe they hear things that are never said.

6.4  MAGA  replied to  JBB @6    4 months ago

In response to the TDS, there’s this....

Hysteria over HCQ suggests no cure for Trump Derangement Syndrome

President Donald Trump disclosed this week he is taking hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malaria drug, which sent the media into a tizzy over a common drug that is helping people stricken with COVID-19. 

President Trump so far has managed to test negative for COVID-19, which swept through the Secret Service and turned up among White House staff, so the president apparently began a daily dose of HCQ to prevent the onset of the virus.

Responses ranged from alarm for Trump’s safety by Neil Cavuto, who warned on Fox News that taking the drug will kill you, to Sen. Chuck Schumer predicting that Trump is lying but adding that, if he is taking the medicine, it’s “reckless” to do so.

Not to be outdone by U.S. media outlets and politicians, a spokesman for China’s communist government suggested the President of the United States is dabbling with “witchcraft” to beat the virus.

Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, pushed back at the media's "apoplectic" meltdown after quoting Cavuto and others who have warned that Trump is risking his own life. 

Just two weeks after smacking around the press for downplaying the COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year, McEnany pointed out that CNN host Chris Cuomo, who said the drug is not "supported by science," took another less-safe version of the drug after he was diagnosed with COVID-19. 

"Hydroxychloroquine, of course, is an FDA-approved medication with a long-proven track record for safety," she told reporters. "And it turns out that Chris Cuomo took a less-safe version of it called quinine, which the FDA removed from the market in 2006 because of its serious side effects, including deaths, so really interesting to have that criticism of the President."

CDC says drug 'well tolerated'

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) has been prescribed for decades as an anti-malaria drug for people traveling overseas, and the Centers for Disease Control website states the drug is “well tolerated” and can be given to children, too, with the appropriate dosage depending on their weight.

The medicine is also prescribed for other ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

Reports that the relatively safe, cheap, and well-known drug can treat COVID-19 first came from France, where Didier Raoult, an infectious-disease specialist, reported in early April he had treated patients with HCQ and watched them recover.

Dr. Raoult’s research team, French media reported  at the time, treated 80 mild cases with HCQ and azithromycin, and found 93 percent of the patients showed no detectable levels of the virus after eight days.

Trump learned about Dr. Raoult’s reports and immediately called the drug a “game changer,” and the debate quickly took off.

Dr. Raoult’s early claims were being disputed in a mid-April study that found little effect, but the second study was disputed by French doctors in early May who pointed out the key was catching the virus early, not administering HCQ when symptoms had worsened.

An eyewitness account

Dr. Jerome Corsi, a tea party activist and New York Times bestselling author, tells OneNewsNow he witnessed a family member recover from the virus thanks to the drug. She caught the virus through health care work, he says, and was headed for a hospital trip and most likely a ventilator.  

“And we got a doctor,” he recalls. “We got her hydroxychloroquine prescribed. Two pills [and] she was feeling better. One week she's back at work.”

Release The Kraken
7  Release The Kraken    4 months ago

Rachel looks good here.


7.1  gooseisgone  replied to  Release The Kraken @7    4 months ago

Her adam's apple is shrinking.. 

8  squiggy    4 months ago


9  squiggy    4 months ago


9.1  MAGA  replied to  squiggy @9    4 months ago

That is true in our coastal urban areas.  

10  squiggy    4 months ago


10.1  MAGA  replied to  squiggy @10    4 months ago

That about sums up the MBFC media.  

11  squiggy    4 months ago


11.1  MAGA  replied to  squiggy @11    4 months ago

Good one! 👍👏👌😂

12  squiggy    4 months ago


Paula Bartholomew
13  Paula Bartholomew    4 months ago

Keep well hydrated for sure, but if you overdue it you can get water intoxication.

Water intoxication, also known as water poisoning, hyper hydration, over hydration, or water toxemia, is a potentially fatal disturbance in brain functions that results when the normal balance of electrolytes in the body is pushed outside safe limits by excessive  water intake.

Sparty On
13.1  Sparty On  replied to  Paula Bartholomew @13    4 months ago

True but it’s pretty hard to do.    

Paula Bartholomew
13.1.1  Paula Bartholomew  replied to  Sparty On @13.1    4 months ago

It is easier than you might realize because it happened to me two years ago.  I was still recovering from a nasty case of food poisoning.  I wasn't eating very much but drank a lot of water and over hydrated which affected my electrolytes to such a dangerous level that I developed hypokalemia.  I ended up in the ER and had to have piggy back infusions that took almost 4 hours to complete.

13.1.2  bccrane  replied to  Paula Bartholomew @13.1.1    4 months ago

I've seen this reported years ago, that when battling dehydration from say dysentery, to a glass of water you're to add a pinch of salt and a fistful of sugar, that gives you electrolyte and some energy.

Paula Bartholomew
13.1.3  Paula Bartholomew  replied to  bccrane @13.1.2    4 months ago

Being an ex nurse, I should have known better but as sick as I was, I just was not thinking straight and overlooked common sense measures.

13.1.4  MAGA  replied to  bccrane @13.1.2    4 months ago

Like Gatorade?  

Sparty On
13.1.5  Sparty On  replied to  Paula Bartholomew @13.1.1    4 months ago

Certainly extenuating circumstances there.    

With some of the sweat-fests we endured in the service never saw it happen once.   You know it’s bad when you are force choking water down or you heat stroke or exhaustion out.   That happened all the time with people dropping like flies when not hydrating enough.    It was tough to drink enough.    Thirst was secondary at that point.    You had to force water down or you would probably drop.

Of course back then they were pushing salt tablets hard as well.   We gauged how bad it was by counting the number of sweat rings on our cammies.

Good times!

Paula Bartholomew
13.1.6  Paula Bartholomew  replied to  Sparty On @13.1.5    4 months ago

Water from field canteens is disgusting.  I used to be a field medic during exercises during the summer and I knew I would be treating heat injuries and dehydration.  I would bring baggies of watermelon chunks for such occasions.  They taste good and have moisture.  Once the patient's stomach would settle down after eating them, they were able to tolerate water.  I also carried beef jerky to help replenish the sodium they needed.  Thank you for your service.

Sparty On
13.1.7  Sparty On  replied to  Paula Bartholomew @13.1.6    4 months ago

You as well Paula.    Our Corpsman were the best, I bet you were as well. Love you people!

Water buffaloes..... let’s not get started on those nasty things ...

Paula Bartholomew
13.1.8  Paula Bartholomew  replied to  Sparty On @13.1.7    4 months ago

OMG, aren't they just the most disgusting things ever?  

13.1.9  XDm9mm  replied to  Paula Bartholomew @13.1.8    4 months ago
OMG, aren't they just the most disgusting things ever?  

Depends!!   Besides field conditions, I worked at one place OCONUS where the 'host' country had a base with a water tower.   Unfortunately, I noticed that some pigeons were flying up into the base of the tank.   Me being the curious one decided to climb up there and see what was going on.   I should have stayed on the ground.

There were several HUNDRED pigeons nesting, shitting and 'bathing' in the water pool in the tower (they didn't have enclosed water collection like we have in the states.) which provided the water to the base and by extension our facility.  There was also quite a collection of rat carcasses laying around.

I had emergency pallets of bottled water flown in that day, and had a filtration system shipped in from the states plus an ultra-violet system to kill off any bacteria.  I have no idea how many people before me might have gotten parasites or other nasties but I did what I could to mitigate future problems.

Sparty On
13.1.10  Sparty On  replied to  Paula Bartholomew @13.1.8    4 months ago

I tried not to think about the crap they were putting in those things in an attempt to keep them sanitary.     

The water coming out of them was usually nasty but it was always wet.    So it had that going for it.  😉

Paula Bartholomew
13.1.11  Paula Bartholomew  replied to  Sparty On @13.1.10    4 months ago

I usually brought my own water rather than drink water from the beast.

13.1.12  cjcold  replied to  Sparty On @13.1.10    4 months ago


Buzz of the Orient
14  Buzz of the Orient    4 months ago
"Plus, do you know what's hidden in water? Sharks. This president wants you to die from a shark attack!"

Wait a second, lawyers don't hide under water.  The story is:  Question:  What do you call 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?  Answer:  A good start.   Question:  Why don't the sharks touch them?   Answer:  Professional courtesy.


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