A Most Hearty and Sincere Welcome to All

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A Most Hearty and Sincere Welcome to All

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Newsvine Refugees

A Most Hearty and Sincere Welcome to All

14295_discussions.jpg A most hearty and sincere welcome to all NV refugees and other new members. Many of you have suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous Comcast and taken arms against the sea of troubles they imposed upon you and here you are, among many of your existing friends and new friends to be made. I learned years ago that to remain sane one should choose between fight and flight, and since we are not Davids against the corporate Goliath here, flight was the wiser choice.

Speaking as one of the original NewsTalkers on behalf of those of us who have been here from the beginning, we are extremely happy that you have chosen to join us on this road less traveled . Its okay to have vented your resentment of what has been done to you - its a healing process, but then it will be time to look around and learn what has been waiting for you here.

You probably know by now that youre able to personalize your home page in many ways, but what is important for you NOT to miss is to browse through the many groups by clicking on the GROUPS link on the opening page. You will discover various groups (not Nations) of different topics, surely including one, if not some, of your interests. Join as many as you wish, Youre NOT limited to 15, and you will find friends old and new on most every one. If none fit your interests, its easy to start a group of your own, although It would be better for everyone including yourself if you do not duplicate what another has done.

Scroll back in them to see whats there. I, for one, have been posting articles on the Classic Cinema group for nearly a year and a half. You have already taken the plunge. Now its time to swim.

I apologize for spamming this everywhere that I could, but I really wanted as many people as possible to see it.



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