Welcome Newsvine Transplants!

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Hello ex-Newviners!  Glad to see you here! Perhaps we can use this group to reconnect and expand our Newstalkers friend's lists.  By the way, it IS News Talkers, not New Stalkers. 
John Wythe

Hurricane Irma Assaults Florida Gulf Coast,

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👂 Watch: Live Coverage of Hurricane Irma 👂  
Delete This Acct. A Person that tells a lie, is a liar.

Bad Omen!

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I joined Newsvine all of about 7~8 days ago and have apparently caused its demise. That's a record for me!  So my apologies in advance, if this place deteriorates very rapidly.  H2

Let's grow this site

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I'd like to see this site prosper and grow. It is a nice place to be. I think it could stay that way if it was bigger due to the moderation here. Is there an effective way to promote NewsTalkers to...
Buzz of the Orient

A Most Hearty and Sincere Welcome to All

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A Most Hearty and Sincere Welcome to All A most hearty and sincere welcome to all NV refugees and other new members. Many of you have suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous Comcast and taken...
Rose Gardener

Bringing Successful Solutions to Newstalkers

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Some of you may (or may not) remember me as Pavilion on the Vine. I started and ran the Successful Solutions Group.Upon arriving here at NewsTalkers, I've wanted to start a similar group. All too...
Rose Gardener

Newsvine Refugees - Let's reconnect

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Hello Everyone coming from the vine. Thank you so much to the Viner who told me about NewsTalkers. Now ... let's reconnect. Who were you on the Vine? Did you manage any groups? I own and manage...