Stripper Golf Cancelled!

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Stripper Golf Cancelled!
I hope I get my refund!

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The Stripper golf event planned for the Trump National Doral golf resort HAS BEEN CANCELLED!

I realize that certain individuals here will want to give The Donald credit for cancelling the event.  But, the truth is that the event was cancelled by the Charity itself.  The Miami All Stars (a youth basketball group) wanted to host a fund raiser.  But they decided they did not want to be associated with either Donald Trump or the Shadow Cabaret strip club.

Here's an article about the event published prior to the cancellation:

Trump Doral To Host Golf Tournament With ‘Miami’s Hottest Strippers’


July 10, 2019 11:59 am

President Trump’s Florida golf club will host “ Miami’s hottest strippers ” later this week for a golf tournament thrown by an area strip club, where attendees will be able to choose a stripper to be their “caddy girl” for the day.

Trump’s establishments have faced scrutiny for lax security and hosting foreign dignitaries, but this may just be the first time a strip club is hosting an event at a property owned by a sitting president.

The event, held by Shadow Cabaret, was first reported by the Washington Post .

golf-tourney-696x1038.jpg It’s being billed as “the ultimate VIP experience” featuring “beautiful” women — though the strip club’s marketing director, Emanuele Mancuso, assured the Washington Post that the women will be “be clothed the whole time” at the golf course in Doral, Florida. After the golf tournament, the event will continue at the Shadow Cabaret strip club in Hialeah.

Shadow Cabaret  markets its Hialeah location, one of two, as “only minutes from Miami International Airport” and “featuring a full kitchen, full bar, and full nudity with spacious VIP and private dance rooms,” as well as a Scarface theme.

VIPs at the tournament get the “caddy girl of your choice,” a Trump Doral hotel stay and a half hour in the strip club’s VIP room , according to a poster on the club’s website. Another poster features a lipstick-stained golf ball.

For participants who sign up after Wednesday, Mancuso told the Post, “they’re going to have an auction” on Friday night. reported the golf portion of the weekend would feature “100 beautiful Shadow’s caddy girls.”

Sponsors for this weekend’s event include “Roll White Boys,” a clothing and weed paraphernalia company based in Pembroke Pines. Julio Garcia, who said he was one of the company’s owners, told TPM over the phone Wednesday that it was supplying items for tournament participants’ goodie bags.

“They’re getting papers, grinders, a little bit of CBD, rolling trays, things like that,” he said.

image2-696x1011.jpg The event is being marketed as a charity event, with proceeds apparently going to Miami All Stars. Yet, a spokesperson for the Florida Department of Agriculture, which regulates non-profits in the state, told the Post that the group wasn’t a legally recognized non-profit.

Carlos Alamilla, Miami All Stars’ director, told the Post it provides basketball training, academic support and other services to roughly 40 young people in Miami. Alamilla’s no fan of the President, at one point tweeting that Trump wanted to “#makeamericawhite.”

He told the post that the strip club’s involvement “doesn’t jive with what we do,” and that Trump is “contrary to everything to we believe,” but that the funds raised were worth participating. No kids would be at the golf event, he said.

Carlos Alamilla, Miami All Stars’ director, was criticized in another thread for deciding to raise money using this event.  I wonder if any of those critics will praise him for deciding to back out.

Some of Trump's "golfing" buddies were originally signed up for the action.  None of these golfers have ever broken 100 before but they were all expecting to finish this golf event with a sixty-nine.

I've travelled the world playing golf and collecting golf tees for decades.  This event was going to give me the opportunity to expand my collection.  I was hoping to acquire some free "strip tees".



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al Jizzerror
1  seeder  al Jizzerror    7 months ago

The debate among Trump's friends was about what grip they wanted their caddies to use.  Because they all have small shafts, they agreed that the overlapping grip would be preferable. 

2  JohnRussell    7 months ago

The President* is going to show up anyway , on the theory that a few of the girls may be dumb enough to not know it was cancelled and thus be there, and those young ladies would then be "his type". 

al Jizzerror
3  seeder  al Jizzerror    7 months ago

WTF?  Why is the generic Newstalkers "hat avatar" being used in association with this article?

I have been using the same avatar (Akmed the Dead Terrorist) for years.

I haven't used a fucking "hat avatar" since I played monopoly when I was ten years old.


4  GregTx    7 months ago

What a shame. A foursome for $1800? Sounds like a bargain to me.

al Jizzerror
4.1  seeder  al Jizzerror  replied to  GregTx @4    7 months ago
A foursome for $1800? Sounds like a bargain to me.

Well, I understand foursomes are relatively rare.

I participated in several MFF threesomes in college, but we only need a fourth if we were playing bridge.


Split Personality
5  Split Personality    7 months ago

I don't see a hat avatar, but i can insert the picture that comes with the seed.

then you can stick Achmed in the story.......( for some reason, that isn't a copyright issue, lol.)

al Jizzerror
5.1  seeder  al Jizzerror  replied to  Split Personality @5    7 months ago

Satire and parody receive exemptions in copyright law.



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