How to find the Recipe You Don't See

By:  Raven Wing  •  7 months ago  •  2 comments

How to find the Recipe You Don't See

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If you don't see the recipe you are looking for, or just looking for a different type of recipe, then here are two ways you can find recipes that are now longer shown on the main page Discussions list:

1. On the top of the Discussions list bar you will see View All. Click on this and the full list of all posted recipes will show up and you can scroll down to find the one you want.

2. On the main page of the Group you will see Recipe Article Index on the right side under Group Pages. Click on this tab and it will open the Index of all posted recipes by category/Tag name, Link to the article, and Article name. Scroll down the Index until you see the article you want, then click on the Link to the left of the article name to open that article in a separate window. 

Hope this helps.


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