Alright, 'tis about time for some gardening.

Peter Loves the Real Tea Party.
04/19/12 09:55:00PM

This year, we have some plants left from last year. They include our Banana Tree (Musa), Texas Fig,Calamondin Orange, a couple Habaneros (although they look a little rough presently), a Coffee Arabica (also struggling now), and our various mints are now is resurgence mode (chocolate, orange, and ginger mints).

This year, in addition to a variety of tomatoes which i will try to list later, some devil's tongue, bhut jolokia (ghost), and poblano peppers, we also have stevia again this year, apple mint, quite an array of leafy greens, watermelon and black radishes, rainbow quinoa, and also bought an olive tree, blood orange tree, dwarf pomegranate, and cayenne pineapple plant this year. I have a few others i am about to purchase, including a Kaffir Lime, Meyer Lemon, Avocado, a couple new Coffee plants, a Blue Agave, and am toying with the idea of buying a guava tree. All are of the potted varieties, since we dont own our home and will probably only live here another year, but eventually, they will all be able to go into the ground.

I do plan to move the tomatoes into ground soon (along with carrots we planted around them), and possibly one or two of the peppers as well.

I'm sure there is some stuff I'm forgetting right now, but I'll include them as comments as i remember them. What about you guys? Any garden plans this year?