Hoping All Goes Well and the Family Gets Back to Walt Disney World this Summer

By:  A. Macarthur  •  5 months ago  •  9 comments

Hoping All Goes Well and the Family Gets Back to Walt Disney World this Summer

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A. Macarthur
1  author  A. Macarthur    5 months ago

Wishing for good health and future good times for the family.

2  Kavika     5 months ago

I expect to see you, Mrs Mac and family in Orlando this summer. 

Raven Wing
3  Raven Wing    5 months ago

I have been to Disneyland here is So Cal many, many times since 1959. It has changed a great deal over the years since then. 

While I have been in FL several times I have never had the time to visit Disney World. I would like to visit the very interesting and educational attractions there. 

4  dave-2693993    5 months ago

Hope you and the family have an enjoyable time there Mac.

Disney World and Sea World used to be an annual trip for us when my daughters gymnastic team was booked for some demonstration performances during the summer at both locations.

One time we took the auto train. It was kind of fun and worth the experience to do at least once. I usually drove from central Maryland to Jacksonville in time for dinner and a lay over at one of the hotels. Then it was just a couple hour to our destination the next morning.

5  sandy-2021492    5 months ago

I hope to see some of your current pics from the happiest place on Earth.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
6  Perrie Halpern R.A.    5 months ago

Wishing you and the family many years of Disney to come! 

A. Macarthur
7  author  A. Macarthur    5 months ago

I greatly appreciate the good wishes of good friends herein … thank you all.

Here is a part of Walt Disney World I am guessing, very few know …


Disney World Boardwalk Resort … One can walk along the Lagoon from this spot over to EPCOT.

© A. Mac/A.G.

A. Macarthur
8  author  A. Macarthur    5 months ago

I'm thinking dave may know this spot …


© A. Mac/A.G.

9  evilgenius    5 months ago

I went to Disney World once in 1990, but I've never been to FL. The closed I got was 12 miles off the coast. LOL! Good luck to family!


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