Prosecutors: Eden Prairie detective lied about search warrant, cases reopened

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Prosecutors: Eden Prairie detective lied about search warrant, cases reopened
Brown called the situation devastating, saying he had never seen anything like it in his career.

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office announced Friday that it is dismissing several convictions after discovering an Eden Prairie Police Department detective lied about obtaining a search warrant in a recent drug investigation. 

The Eden Prairie Police Department named Detective Travis Serafin its top police officer in 2011. Now, he is accused of lying and essentially falsifying a search warrant, forcing prosecutors to toss out his entire body of work. 

According to the attorney’s office, in 2017, a judge had signed off on a search of a house where authorities reported they found a significant amount of drugs. Officers also found a smaller amount of drugs in a vehicle on the property. 

Eden Prairie Police Detective Travis Serafin. 

The suspect was charged with drug possession and third-degree murder for selling the drugs that lead to another person’s death. The murder charge was later dismissed in a plea agreement in which he pleaded guilty to a drug charge. He was sentenced to six years in prison.

However, the officers did not have a warrant to search the vehicle. Rather than acknowledging that, Serafin falsified documents and allegedly lied about it at a hearing. 

A judge flagged Serafin’s actions. Hennepin County prosecutors believe they have to do the right thing and toss out all of his cases. 

Thirty cases have been dismissed or are in the process of being dismissed because Serafin was a critical witness. In 11 additional cases where he was a peripheral witness, the defense lawyers have been contacted. 

Of those cases, three of them involved men who are in prison. 

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office has sent the case to McLeod County for possible criminal charges against Serafin. The Eden Prairie Police Department said an administrative investigation is underway. 

“The Eden Prairie Police Department holds officers to extremely high ethical standards,” the department said in a statement. “The Department also affords officers time for due process if their actions are called into question.” 


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1  seeder  cjfrommn    2 years ago

Well here we go again, all the hard and honest work undone by another cop doing dirt just to win when it should have been the integrity that wins. 

I post some of these bad / racist cop articles because these are reminders to those whose lives are not effected that these type of "professionals " take away from the work of the good guys. And also pointing out that some citizens are effected for the rest of there lives by this failure of proper conduct by those tasked to do so. 

And there are enough stories where even i disregard the suspects claim of being railroaded or targeted and then i have to admit. situations like this are happening more and more and it is just so sad because in the end, those citizens (some decent folks and some not) still had there lives turned upside down because we believe cops can do no wrong but clearly they can. 

So i get the social movement to make sure good cops exist and bad / racist cops can be exposed and pushed out or fired.

As they say " who needs enemies when these are supposed to be your friends.  Sometimes i just got to shake my head. 

2  XDm9mm    2 years ago

Eden Prairie Police Detective Travis Serafin....  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

You have just joined the ranks of the Lowlife Scumbag Thugs of America branch of the Lowlife Scumbag Thugs of Society.

Have no fear....   you're in the company of many others from all walks of life, typical street thugs to "professional" street thugs.  

Unfortunately, innocent, and often not innocent, but still due "due process" lowlife scumbag thugs are your victims and your immediate and extended family will be forced to share your shame.  

Again, congratulations.   

2.1  seeder  cjfrommn  replied to  XDm9mm @2    2 years ago

yep this guy has put a very big stain on a place that actually is supposed to be the elite type police department in our area up here. Clearly he has hurt that reputation and exposes them to criticism usually pushed on the big cities. O M G this cant happen in the suburbs ...oooh yes it does!! 

sad day for the good cops!!

2.1.1  MUVA  replied to  cjfrommn @2.1    2 years ago

One bad cop is one bad cop the only stain is on him.

2.1.2  XDm9mm  replied to  cjfrommn @2.1    2 years ago

I always got a kick out of the EP and Maple Grove PD's.  (Lived in MG and worked in the EP, Chanhassen area.)   They always thought they were the big bad po-po.   I'll submit that if they encountered some really badass badasses out of the shit holes of NYC, they'd crumble like a toothpick house in a good wind.   Plus, I got the biggest kick out of the MG PD NEEDING an Armored Personnel Carrier for the "crime" there.   If it was any quieter, even the owls would have fallen asleep in the trees at night and dropped to the ground like bricks.

Be that as it may, ALL PD's everywhere, whether here in the US or in any country in the world, will have a number of bad cops, much like any and ALL professions have their allotment of lowlife scumbag thugs.   But that's the nature of our species.  Some like to take advantage of what they've been provided for their own betterment.  It's NOT//NOT a reflection on any but themselves.

PS:  I still have and use a John Deere lawn mower I got from Osseo Sports.  27+ years and still goes strong.  Routine maintenance is all that's needed.

2.1.3  seeder  cjfrommn  replied to  MUVA @2.1.1    2 years ago

sorry thats not how that work-- the stain can be dealt with by the whole dept. because in many situations people can and will RECALL the problem this cop made based on lying. 

So trust is the factor that he disregarded in being so selfish in his choices. which now allow for other citizens to believe that the officer they may encounter could be the same type of person. 

2.1.4  seeder  cjfrommn  replied to  XDm9mm @2.1.2    2 years ago

well you speak the truth. it is so odd that a suburban detective has to lie to make a case/s. A lot of citizens dont pay attention to the money they give out to these cities. So that something like an armored carrier can be acquired.  

In the end, i have found those depts to be shady as hell because they know they can get away with alot of crap because people dont know there rights as well as city folks. 

And yes john deers last forever!


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