Trump’s Numbers October 2018 Update

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Trump’s Numbers October 2018 Update
Statistical measures of how things have changed since the president took office.

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

In the time Donald Trump has been in the White House:

  • The jobless rate dropped to the lowest in nearly half a century, and the number of unfilled job openings hit a record high.
  • Economic growth spurted to a 4.2 percent annual rate in the most recent quarter.
  • Median household income rose to the highest level ever recorded in 2017. Poverty declined.
  • The growth of federal regulations slowed, and has lately reversed.
  • Crime rates declined. The number of homicides went down 0.7 percent last year after rising for the previous two years.
  • Carbon emissions rose. Coal mining jobs went up a bit.
  • Corporate profits, stock prices and home values set record highs.
  • The trade deficit grew larger.
  • The federal debt increased by nearly $1.4 trillion, more than 9 percent. Yearly deficits increased.
  • The U.S. image abroad plunged.


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