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Steve Moore
'When It Comes To Electric Power, Coal Is No. 1'

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T


I am still recovering from my joint appearance at San Francisco's Commonwealth Club with Steve Moore, and my having to listen to an extraordinary number of things from his mouth that simply were not true. It is draining to find oneself thinking over and over again: "But this is different than you said last year" and "but that prediction will be so obviously wrong in six months".

Menzie Chinn has a similar reaction: Menzie Chinn : Why Isn’t Stephen Moore Still Bragging about Coal As #1? : "Recall from July 2017, when Stephen Moore wrote an article entitled 'When It Comes To Electric Power, Coal Is No. 1'? No more. Now, lying has never been an impediment to Mr. Moore claiming something that was untrue (see [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] )—but in this case perhaps it’s just so clearly untrue, he was chastened. So much for “winning” (coal edition). Not that I’m complaining:



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Bob Nelson
Professor Expert
1  seeder  Bob Nelson    3 years ago

*** sigh ***

Professor Principal
2  JBB    3 years ago

Steven Moore is a lying mouthpiece for The Oligarchy. Not A Member, Hired Help.

He says what he is paid to say. Like Sarah Sanders he has no grace at all. He lies...

Bob Nelson
Professor Expert
2.1  seeder  Bob Nelson  replied to  JBB @2    3 years ago

It's disturbing that his "for-hire" nature is so extravagantly obvious... but Republicans cannot seem to see it...  jrSmiley_32_smiley_image.gif

PhD Guide
2.1.1  evilgenius  replied to  Bob Nelson @2.1    3 years ago
but Republicans cannot seem to see it...

They just don't care. For some it's about money, control or just "owning" the Liberals.


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