Natural Gas Is Now Called 'Freedom Gas,' According to the Department of Energy


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Natural Gas Is Now Called 'Freedom Gas,' According to the Department of Energy

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

Jingoistic nationalism andpromoting fossil fuelsgo hand in hand for the Trump administration. But the Department of Energy took that connection to a new level on Tuesday with a press release touting natural gas as “freedom gas” full of—I feel stupid even typing this—“molecules of U.S. freedom.” Which I guess means we now definitively know the cost of freedom:According to the global market, it’s $2.64 per million BTUs as of Wednesday late morning.

Several sources are reporting this. I picked one at random. As far as stupid government shit goes this ranks up there with "Freedom Fries" & "Patriot Toast".


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1  seeder  evilgenius    last year

This is dumb. Really, really dumb.

lady in black
1.1  lady in black  replied to  evilgenius @1    last year

That's the trump admin for you DUMB and DUMBER and DUMBER even more

1.2  Gordy327  replied to  evilgenius @1    last year

Remember when french fries were briefly called freedom fries?

Trout Giggles
1.2.1  Trout Giggles  replied to  Gordy327 @1.2    last year

I was just thinking of that

1.2.2  seeder  evilgenius  replied to  Gordy327 @1.2    last year

Don't forget the Patriot Toast. 

1.2.3  Ender  replied to  evilgenius @1.2.2    last year

Never heard that one. I will stick with the Saints toast.


Bob Nelson
1.2.4  Bob Nelson  replied to  Gordy327 @1.2    last year
Remember when french fries were briefly called freedom fries?

Do these people not remember the run-up to the Iraq invasion, and "Freedom Fries"?

Or are they so obvious that they don't realize the ridicule they are pouring on their own heads?

It's not funny. It's depressing.

1.2.5  Gordy327  replied to  Bob Nelson @1.2.4    last year

Freedom fries goes well with a Liberty burger with American cheese and an  Independence Shake. 

1.2.6  seeder  evilgenius  replied to  Ender @1.2.3    last year
Never heard that one.
In 2003, when France opposed going to war in Iraq, the U.S. took the next logical step: its House of Representatives' cafeterias stopped serving French fries. They served "f reedom fries " instead. Naturally, "French toast" became " freedom toast " as well. Republican Representatives Walter Jones and Bob Ney, who was the chairman of the House Administration Committee at the time and angered at "our so-called ally, France," made it happen. The change didn't have unanimous support. "Making Congress look even sillier than it sometimes looks would not be high on my priority list," said Democratic Representative Barney Frank, clearly lacking in both patriotism and knowledge of France's historic disdain for liberty. Well, the House fries ditched "freedom" in 2006 ... around the same time Ney, who pleaded guilty to corruption charges, lost his.
From the Urban Dictionary - 
patriot toast:
Eggs   and milk   cooked   around bread. Similar to   French Toast, but tastes better because it's American.
Fuck   the French,   eat   Patriot Toast!
1.2.7  seeder  evilgenius  replied to  Ender @1.2.3    last year
I will stick with the Saints toast.


2  Enoch    last year

Q. What do they call it when you order fast food chain Mexican dishes?

A. Taco Smell.

Enoch, De-fanging re-fritos.

3  Ender    last year

And here I thought freedom gas came from ourselves.

Trout Giggles
4  Trout Giggles    last year

I'm looking for a satire tag.....

....because this can't be real

4.1  seeder  evilgenius  replied to  Trout Giggles @4    last year

it's a definite wtf moment.

5  badfish    last year

I have freedom gas today after that taco for lunch.

5.1  lib50  replied to  badfish @5    last year

Every once in a while you get in a good one

6.1  seeder  evilgenius  replied to  Steve Ott @6    last year

Look at those molecules of U.S. freedom!


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