‘The church was empty’: Congregation walks out of service after pastor echoes Trump

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‘The church was empty’: Congregation walks out of service after pastor echoes Trump
A pastor in Virginia is facing a revolt from his own congregation after he put up a sign echoed controversial comments from President Donald Trum

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

Trump and his rumps seem to be trying to destroy Christianity


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1.1  devangelical  replied to  Don Overton @1    4 weeks ago

The same mentally diseased filth originated that slogan during the term of their last imperial rwnj criminal icon, Dickless Nixon.

2  XDm9mm    4 weeks ago

Well hot damn.  

It appears that they weren't too pissed about the message, but this:

He says members were upset with the national attention the church received.

Maybe "ALTERNET" should have delved a little deeper into what they reported.

Split Personality
3  Split Personality    4 weeks ago

Oh the irony.......


Split Personality
3.1  Split Personality  replied to  Split Personality @3    4 weeks ago
If making a political statement on the church's sign was Lucas’ first mistake, mistaking partisan jousting for theological boldness was his second.

His congregation appeared to agree. On Sunday, ABC 13 News reported that members of his congregation staged a walk-out. Lucas, however, doubled down.

"I've tried to be honest," Lucas said. "I've tried to do what's right. But I believe in my country. I love my country. And I don't mind standing up for the country."

Lucas’ misunderstanding is that the "love it or leave it" sign isn’t about standing up for his country. It’s about dragging his congregation into a national political debate, taking one side without expressing sympathy for the other.

Churches don’t need to pretend that the political circus that happens outside their doors don’t exist, but they don’t need to join, either. Lucas should be more concerned about hurting people’s feelings, as the stand he’s taking isn’t about theological accuracy but his own brand of patriotism. It's simply alienating.

As a pastor, Lucas’ job is not to stand up for his country, but to stand up for his faith and his congregation. If they were so concerned that they left church on Sunday, then Lucas’ personal opinions are overwhelming his professional, and spiritual, responsibilities.

This is what happens when everything is political, and you’re so consumed with making a national statement that you can’t feed the sheep in front of you.

3.1.1  devangelical  replied to  Split Personality @3.1    4 weeks ago

I'm thrilled that most evangelical scum are connected at the hip to that asshole in the white (supremacist) house.

4  MrFrost    4 weeks ago

Trump is such a good little Christian...



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