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Sheriff indicted for plotting to kill deputy who had tape of his 'racially offensive' remarks

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

A North Carolina sheriff has been indicted for allegedly plotting to kill one of his deputies after learning the man had a tape of him making "racially offensive" comments.

Granville County Sheriff Brindell Wilkins was indicted Monday on two counts of felony obstruction of justice for withholding knowledge of a credible threat made against Joshua Freeman and failing to take appropriate law enforcement action. The indictment came after a ten month investigation by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation and the FBI, according to a release from Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman.

Wilkins instructed an unnamed person to murder the deputy who was planning to publicly reveal a tape of him using "racially offensive language to authorities in Raleigh" in August 2014, according to a felony indictment unsealed Monday. Wilkins allegedly said "the only way to stop him is kill him," and encouraged the individual to "take care of it." 


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1  seeder  cjfrommn    7 months ago

Absolutely horrible to know this man would be so willing to allegedly commit this type of crime over words. I am sure this will take a while to work threw the courts. But if found guilty i hope they take his license so he cant work any where in that state. Again we only know these racist type of folks when they dont keep there mouths closed and for not doing so, hopefully losing his job will be the start!

2  Kavika     7 months ago
hopefully losing his job will be the start!

At the very least. I'll bet that further investigation is going to turn up a lot of unsavory things about him. I kinda doubt this is a one off.

The $20K bond seems low for planning a murder.


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