Super Bowl Halftime Show: Pearl Clutching worthy?

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Super Bowl Halftime Show: Pearl Clutching worthy?
This exhibition was Pepsi showing young girls that sexual exploitation of women is okay. With the exploitation of women on the rise worldwide, instead of lowering the standard, we as a society should be raising it.”

Was it really though? I watched the show and found it to be somewhat entertaining, and that is it. I wasn't punching down a raging boner like some of these people were. For real, if you watched that performance and then bitched about it later then you are a douchebag pure and simple and people like YOU are the reason this world sucks so much.

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

Among the critics is conservative evangelist Franklin Graham of North Carolina, who said the show’s sexual gyrations and stripper pole centerpiece left  him disappointed in the NFL and event sponsor Pepsi .


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Thrawn 31
1  seeder  Thrawn 31    4 months ago

I didn't actually watch the show until my wife made me watch it on youtube. Watched it, and what the fuck is anyone complaining about? Perfectly okay to me. Honestly, those complaining are insanely jealous... and that's it. 

2  PJ    4 months ago

I watched the show.  Here's the obvious that some aren't catching.  It's not what the entertainers were wearing or how they were gyrating and it wasn't the lyrics in the songs.  We know republicans aren't too choosy about who they fuck or in the case of the white house, who they pay to fuck.   What the republicans found pearl clutch worthy was that the entertainers where BROWN, Latino.  That was and is the problem.   What would have been a show they could get behind and would have found successful is if they could have driven a deportation bus on the field and hauled them away to deportation camps or the border.

Dean Moriarty
2.1  Dean Moriarty  replied to  PJ @2    4 months ago

That's not true if it had been Santana playing Fried Neckbones and Home Fries I would have given it two thumbs up and I always liked Ricky Ricardo. 

2.1.1  PJ  replied to  Dean Moriarty @2.1    4 months ago


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2.2  Tacos!  replied to  PJ @2    4 months ago
What the republicans found pearl clutch worthy was that the entertainers where BROWN, Latino.

That's pretty silly and I think you just made it up.

lady in black
3  lady in black    4 months ago

All these faux christian men complaining were sitting there watching with woodys on full display...oh the horror

lady in black
4  lady in black    4 months ago

Borrowered from FB

Ok, I’ll bite.

For those of you who were clutching your pearls last night while watching Shakira and Jennifer Lopez burn the Super Bowl Halftime Show to the ground, let me point out a few things:

1) Olympic figure skaters wear the EXACT same types of outfits that Shakira and Jennifer Lopez wore. They just skate backwards and you see their asses instead of shaking them purposely on TV. Big deal. See photos below.

2) That reality TV show about dancing you are addicted to - Dancing With The Stars? Yep - same outfits. The SAME parts are covered. The same amount of ass cheek or gluteus maximus is covered. Did you gasp the last time you watched that show?

3) Lady Gaga did it in Super Bowl 2017. You didn’t lose your minds then...and she most definitely burned the house down and rocked your face off. Because she is a bad ass. Janet. Beyonce. Let me throw it back for you - way back - Madonna.

4). You said something about a crotch grab? Michael Jackson did it. Hell, some of you elected a man who bragged about grabbing women there. What are you so upset about, exactly?

You know what is gasp worthy?

That is what you should be clasping your pearls about. How about you stop telling women what the hell to do with their bodies? Sounds good to me.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez? Bad asses.

Get it, girls.

4.1  r.t..b...  replied to  lady in black @4    4 months ago
clutching your pearls

   "It's people who are repressed and cannot express their fears that are dangerous."  ~Julie Taymor

4.2  Tacos!  replied to  lady in black @4    4 months ago

Actually, I've seen criticisms of all of those things.

5  Kathleen    4 months ago

I thought is was okay, but it wasn’t my kind of music. I am not as much into the new stuff. A classic rock band would be more my speed. 

6  JohnRussell    4 months ago

I thought the show was OK. My lackadaisical approval stems more from a lack of interest in these |"cast of thousands" productions than to any distaste for the appearance of the two ladies. Shakira is hot, and a little flaunting of it in a singing and dancing performance is fine. I'm not as high on Jennifer Lopez, but she's ok. 

As far as the complaints by prudes that it was against the Bible or whatever - there are many far far far worse things than this shown on tv every day.  That ship sailed with the advent of streaming and the boon of cable tv. 

7  Tacos!    4 months ago

I keep seeing these stories that people were offended but it just feels like clickbait to me. I have a hard time believing that a significant portion of viewers were actually bothered by the show.

Thrawn 31
7.1  seeder  Thrawn 31  replied to  Tacos! @7    3 months ago

Internet porn, all complaints are nullified.


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