Biden tests role as empathetic answer to Trump during coronavirus crisis

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Biden tests role as empathetic answer to Trump during coronavirus crisis
Joe Biden presented himself as a president-in-waiting in America's hour of need.

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

After taking command of the Democratic   nominating race in Tuesday's primaries,   the former vice president   projected presidential-style gravitas, positioning himself as the antidote to   President Donald Trump's in-denial stewardship of the novel coronavirus crisis in a strategic pivot towards November's election.

Promising to unite his party and the nation   at a time of deep anxiety, Biden used the moment to pose as a competent, compassionate replacement for the current commander-in-chief.

Biden's move at this particular moment is a sign of just how much the pandemic's arrival on US shores has transformed the political environment and the terrain of the 2020 election in a way that may soon mirror wrenching changes coming to everyday American life.

In a short televised speech Tuesday night, Biden offered a preview of orthodox, conventional leadership the country has not seen in the three years of Trump's sledgehammer presidency. The election that takes place in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic may test whether enough Americans, traumatized by a national crisis, want that return to "normal" or will decide to stick with Trump's tear-it-down leadership.


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Larry Hampton
1  seeder  Larry Hampton    2 weeks ago
"At this moment, when there's so much fear in the country and so much fear across the world, we need American leadership," Biden said in a sober tone, with his wife Jill by his side.
"We need presidential leadership that's honest, trusted, truthful and steady, reassuring leadership," Biden added.
1.1  Tacos!  replied to  Larry Hampton @1    2 weeks ago

What does that mean I wonder? Is he supposed to say something like "it's not so bad" or "Everything will be ok eventually?" Because Trump says stuff like that and gets pounded for not taking it seriously enough. How many times have we heard him be accused of downplaying the virus? Reassurance would seem to be a mortal sin, no?

Freedom Warrior
1.2  Freedom Warrior  replied to  Larry Hampton @1    2 weeks ago

Ya know I was going to post an article about this but thankfully I didn't have to.

Lefty after lefty looking for mommy, daddy and nanny government to assuage the fragile feelings in a time of crisis.  It makes total sense.  So many of these fools are always looking to government to take care of them.  Sure seems like that's the Sanders appeal.  

But it goes well beyond the "free stuff" enticements.  Right now they're off the rails looking for someone convenient to blame.  (Did you say Trump) Yes of course you did.  Conveniently overlooking the real origins of the pandemic. Why is that by the way.  NLP perhaps. Whatever it is it's a insidious form of behavioral conditioning.

I'll just label it a Free Form Pussified Funk.

2  JBB    2 weeks ago

Biden is the next President of the United States!

Bet on it...

2.1  Texan1211  replied to  JBB @2    2 weeks ago

Doubling down on last presidential election losses, eh?


4  Nerm_L    2 weeks ago

I watched Joe Biden's speech.  Every point in Biden's speech is being addressed now.  Everything that Biden proposed is being done now.  The current administration is taking the steps that Biden says need to be taken.

Joe Biden only demonstrated he can read a speech on teleprompters.  Biden didn't offer alternatives or a new approach.  

4.1  Ronin2  replied to  Nerm_L @4    2 weeks ago

Alternatives? The Dems don't have alternatives to addressing the crisis. 

Biden isn't Trump. That is the only thing they are running on.

In the end it is switching an old, hated, vile, criminal anti Establishment, old white male President; for a senile, demented, criminal pro Establishment old white male President. 

Change the Establishment and the Democrats can believe in!

4.1.1  MUVA  replied to  Ronin2 @4.1    2 weeks ago

Just think Biden went through a pandemic as Obama Vice President and they didn’t fix a broken system but now he has all the answers.

4.2  loki12  replied to  Nerm_L @4    2 weeks ago

Did you see how well Biden answered questions from the press?

4.2.1  Nerm_L  replied to  loki12 @4.2    2 weeks ago
Did you see how well Biden answered questions from the press?

You mean the walk away?  

4.2.2  loki12  replied to  Nerm_L @4.2.1    2 weeks ago

Trump takes multiple questions from the press, Biden can't even tell his wife from his sister anymore. The press will expose his incompetence. 

4.3  Tacos!  replied to  Nerm_L @4    2 weeks ago
Every point in Biden's speech is being addressed now.

I don't think there's really a lot of disagreement about what is being done or needs to be done. Unfortunately, Biden's role, at this point, is to project himself as superior to the current president so I guess that's all he's going to be about. 

There is a contrasting example to this. When the financial crisis hit in 2008, Bush, McCain, and Obama were all talking with each other about how to respond to the crisis. Although, I do wonder if maybe even just acknowledging that there was a problem hurt McCain on Election Day. But the outcome was probably inevitable at that point.


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