See funny 'Boss Baby' Trump denying pandemic response charges

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By:   Brian Niemietz (nydailynews. com)

See funny 'Boss Baby' Trump denying pandemic response charges
See Jimmy Kimmel's 'Boss Baby' Trump denying failures in pandemic response

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

He's gone from MAGA to GAGA.

The team at "Jimmy Kimmel Live" doctored President Trump's face onto video of a baby trying to convince her mother she didn't touch food belonging to the family dog when it seems likely the little girl had done just that.

The video of the cute little girl takes on a much creepier look when the 73-year-old president's head appears on the child's tiny frame.

Off camera, a woman's voice can be heard quizzing the technological altered man-baby on Trump's controversial handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which is infecting American at an unprecedented pace.

"Mr. President, you said the virus is just like the flu," the adult voice says.

The baby, with Trump's head, vehemently denies that truth.

The mom character then cited a series of misleading or incorrect statements made by President Trump's over the past few months, which the child, nicknamed "Boss Baby," angrily and inarticulately denies.

"You got rid of the pandemic response team," the mom charged. "You ignored every warning through January and February."

The angry baby held its ground, but was unconvincing. When the video ended, Kimmel came back on screen laughing.

"Now go to your room and no Fox News for you," he joked to Boss Baby.

Kimmel got into hot water last week for showing a video clip mocking Mike Pence by omitting context that accurately showed the vice president in a more favorable light. He issued an apology for that incident. Kimmel introduced Tuesday's baby gag by making clear the source material had been doctored.


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Larry Hampton
1  seeder  Larry Hampton    3 weeks ago

Larry Hampton
1.1  seeder  Larry Hampton  replied to  Larry Hampton @1    3 weeks ago

Crazy! They even got the hands the right size!

2  Thomas    3 weeks ago

Nice! LOL!

3  JohnRussell    2 weeks ago

I posted the video of the Trump baby on another seed yesterday. I dont think it got any replies. Conservatives are not going to reply to this - its too embarrassing for them. 


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