Trump takes aim at Georgia official's non-existent brother


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By:   Steve Benen

Trump takes aim at Georgia official's non-existent brother
Trump has gone from making up conversations that occurred only in his mind to making up siblings for election officials who aren't corrupt enough for him.

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

It was about two years ago when Donald Trump first tweeted about Brad Raffensperger, who was running at the time as the Republican candidate for secretary of State in Georgia. The president said Raffensperger would be "fantastic" at the job, adding, "It is really important that you get out and vote for Brad."

Exactly two years to the day later, Trump delivered a Thanksgiving message in which he described Raffensperger as "an enemy of the people."

There's no great mystery as to what transpired in the 24 months in between the two statements. The outgoing president narrowly lost Georgia in this year's elections, and he's blaming Raffensperger -- a conservative Republican and longtime Trump supporter -- for not being corrupt enough when administering the state's system of elections.

In the weeks since his defeat, Trump's fury toward the Georgia official has intensified, leading to a pair of tweets published around midnight, starting with this gem .

"I love the Great State of Georgia, but the people who run it, from the Governor, [Brian Kemp], to the Secretary of State, are a complete disaster and don't have a clue, or worse. Nobody can be this stupid. Just allow us to find the crime, and turn the state Republican."

First, "Just allow us to find the crime" is an amazing thing for anyone to write, and a reminder that the president and his team are still searching desperately for evidence that doesn't exist. Second, "Nobody can be this stupid" is one of those phrases I'm going to brush right past without comment.

But it was the other late-night tweet that included a new accusation of particular interest.

"Now it turns out that Brad R's brother works for China, and they definitely don't want 'Trump'. So disgusting!"

Among the many problems with Trump's accusation is that Brad Raffensperger's brother does not work for China. We can say this with great certainly because Brad Raffensperger does not have a brother.

As The Daily Beast noted , there is a random man named Ron Raffensperger who works for a subsidiary of the Huawei conglomerate, but it's just a coincidence that the two men share the same last name. The president's "disgusting" observation is about as reliable as his ridiculous claims about winning the election he lost.

Or put another way, Trump has gone from making up conversations that occurred only in his mind to making up siblings for election officials who aren't corrupt enough for his liking.

Postscript : In case this isn't obvious, let's note for the record that even if Raffensperger had a brother, and even if this imaginary brother worked for China, it wouldn't matter. Trump still lost Georgia and still lost the election. But putting aside any other consideration, it's unhealthy for a sitting president to lash out at siblings who don't exist.


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Hal A. Lujah
Senior Principal
1  seeder  Hal A. Lujah    4 weeks ago

Good thing his last name isn’t Smith - he’d have corrupt brothers and sisters everywhere!  Doug Jones better remember this next time he thinks about badmouthing Donald Trump.

Professor Principal
2  JohnRussell    4 weeks ago

Trump does this sort of thing because he can and he knows by now that his lies won't effect his popularity with his legion of lemmings. 

Hal A. Lujah
Senior Principal
2.1  seeder  Hal A. Lujah  replied to  JohnRussell @2    4 weeks ago

Donald Trump is to politics as Rudy Giuliani is to law. It’s no wonder they are a team.  Nothing gives either of those two professions a worse reputation that those two sleazebags.

Freshman Principal
3  Gsquared    4 weeks ago

According to his niece, Trump took aim at his own brother, too.

Bob Nelson
Masters Principal
4  Bob Nelson    4 weeks ago

Homonymy is a death-penalty offence!

PhD Quiet
5  bbl-1    4 weeks ago

"Trump takes aim."  What else is new?

Does not matter anyway.  Allegedly and on another 'site' Trump ( IS ) the most admired man of 2020 according to a poll of Russian Gulag associates.


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