Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth were trying SO HARD not to say "Eagles are throwing the game" you could just hear it every time they spoke


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Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth were trying SO HARD not to say "Eagles are throwing the game" you could just hear it every time they spoke

Interesting turn of events at Sunday Night Football. The Philadelphia Eagles inserted a little used, mostly inept , quarterback into the game against the Washington Football Team in the fourth quarter, in a game that was to decide the final playoff position in the NFC.   If Washington won, they go to the playoffs, if Philadelphia won, the New York Giants would go to the playoffs. 

The Eagles , one could plausibly argue, threw the game by putting an inept quarterback into the game for the fourth quarter. With Nate Sudfeld in the game, the Eagles offense looked like a high school team , they couldnt move the ball at all, and the Washington Football Team locked down their playoff position. The two NBC announcers , Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth, all but said that the Eagles were throwing the game. 





LMFAO. I love that Chris Collinsworth & Al Michaels are talking shit on the Eagles tanking for a better draft pick. Like what did you think the Eagles were going to do tonight?


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Giants players are very angry about the Eagles putting in Nate Sudfeld at QB

Andy Nesbitt 34 mins ago
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Sunday night has been a rough one for the New York Giants and their fans as they need the Philadelphia Eagles to beat Washington so they can win the NFC East and go to playoffs.

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Well, the Eagles have kept it close but then in the fourth quarter they took out QB Jalen Hurts and replaced him with Nate Sudfeld, who hasn’t even dressed for a game since Week 1.

Why’d they put him in? A loss will lead to a much better draft pick for the Eagles. The tank is on.

Sudfeld looked terrible on his first drive, which ended with him throwing an interception on a deep pass. Then he fumbled on his second drive.

Two members of the Giants – wide receivers Darius Slayton and Golden Tate and running back Saquon Barkley – were not happy about this:

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2  Kavika     3 weeks ago

It sure looked like they tanked.

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2.1  author  JohnRussell  replied to  Kavika @2    3 weeks ago

Hurts was not playing well, but Sudfeld didnt even look like an NFL quarterback. 

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3  author  JohnRussell    3 weeks ago

One could argue that the Eagles starting quarterback tonight, rookie Jalen Hurts, was stinking up the joint himself. When they took him out at the start of the fourth quarter he only had about 70 yards passing, which is rather pitiful for an NFL QB.  But it would be hard to find an objective watcher who knows football that wouldnt think the Eagles had a better chance to win with Hurts than Sudfeld. 

It was so obvious , the two announcers very clearly hinted that Philadelphia wasnt trying to win. 

Kind of a black eye for the NFL tonight. 

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4  Split Personality    3 weeks ago

Absolutely disgusting turn of events.

Decline a chip shot field goal that would have tied the game early in the second half?

Replace Hurts with Sutcliffe while Wentz and the defense watched from the sidelines?


The remaining starting defense played it's heart out while  Petersen was evaluating the 3rd string QB and running backs from the practice squad


Fuck him and a lucky Super Bowl Win.  He doesn't deserve to coach at this level any more

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5  Ronin2    3 weeks ago

The Eagles coaches and front office have given up on Wentz. He will be gone next season.

Unless Wentz came in and had a very good game- he would have only hurt his trade stock further.

Don't blame the Eagles for tanking. Blame the NFL that rewards losing with a higher draft pick slot. What did the Eagles have to gain by winning? Nothing; but they had quite a bit to lose.

Take the Jets for example. Think their coaches and players are safe after winning 2 games and costing the team the #1 overall pick in the draft? See below to how the ownership reacted to that.



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